MCA will not be a mere ‘pak turut’- Ka Siong

08 Jan 2024 07:54am

SHAH ALAM - MCA will continue reprimanding the government constructively and will not be a mere ‘pak turut’ (yes man).

Its president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong said as a Member of Parliament, he wanted to speak up whether inside or outside the Dewan Rakyat.

He said the action was for the good of the people and the country even though it was necessary to rebuke a policy involving any ministry.

"MCA's role in Parliament remains as a 'check and balance' in the democratic system.

"Besides, at this point, there is no MP of Chinese descent from the opposition bloc to provide checks and balances.

"If not MCA, who else? Whatever the government's good policies that benefit the people, MCA will support 100 per cent, and MCA feels called to speak out if there are policies that have a negative impact on the people," he said in a post on Facebook yesterday.

He said this in reaction to the statement of DAP Vice Chairman Teresa Kok who claimed that MCA was 'misguided' when answering a question regarding the relationship between DAP and MCA in the unity government.

Kok’s statement was made in an interview published by the local media.

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Commenting further, Wee also responded to Teresa's claim that she only 'attacked' DAP Secretary-General Anthony Loke.

"Yes, it is true that I have raised two issues related to the Transport Ministry which is now led by Loke.

"Both are constructive criticisms for the good of the people. What is wrong and my sin?

"YB Teresa and her allies can continue to be 'silent', but it is my right and responsibility to speak out.

"Please respect and celebrate differences of opinion and freedom of expression," he said.

It was reported that Wee had raised the issue of Malaysians' personal data regarding the information of 33 million vehicle owners through a defect in the MyJPJ system.

He also once raised the issue of airfares to Sabah Sarawak, which burdened the people as consumers.

In addition, he also spoke out for the waiver of DuitNow's QR Code charges which eventually saw banks waiving the charges.

Most recently, Wee appealed to the Government to exempt SST on traditional and complementary medicine services for fear that the impact would be borne by patients receiving the treatment.