Padu: Public lack of awareness on its importance

08 Jan 2024 10:49am
Photo for illustrative purposes only - Bernama FILE PIX
Photo for illustrative purposes only - Bernama FILE PIX

KOTA TINGGI - Lack of understanding of the functions of the Central Database Hub (Padu) developed by the government has caused many residents, especially in rural areas, to still not register for the system.

Fisherman Mohd Jaafar Abdul Hamid, 65, said the lack of widely publicised and easily accepted information about Padu caused him to still be unclear about its importance.

"Yesterday I only found out about Padu after watching television but I am still clear about its importance to the people who register through the system.

"Perhaps if more information is publicised about Padu, there will be no confusion. Additionally, getting information through social media in rural areas is limited due to the problem of internet access," he said.

Mechanic Syukri Samaon, 37, said that he only knew that Padu was a system that stored people's information and data but was still unclear about its importance.

"I only know that Padu is related to data, but I don't really understand how to fill in data in the system.

"I think it may be necessary to intensify the publicity about the importance and ways to register for Padu," he said.

Housewife Junaidah Aspan, 64, said that problematic internet access outside the city deterred her from registering for Padu.

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She added that she would be more comfortable registering face-to-face and being explained about the importance of Padu.

"When there is a face-to-face information session, it is easier to understand, especially for the elderly," she said when met.

As of Jan 7. the number of individuals who have successfully registered for Padu was 767,005 people.

What is Padu?

Padu contains profiles of individuals and households covering citizens and permanent residents aged 18 and above in Malaysia.

The profile information would be updated periodically through the integration of administrative data from various sources.

Through this ecosystem, citizens could check and update information directly in the Padu system.

It was launched and registration was opened on Jan 2.

The registration period is open until March 31, 2024.

As of 1pm on Jan 7, a total of 767,005 people have registered.

Objectives of Padu

  1. Provision of a safe, comprehensive and near real time national database for the production of periodic analytics and digitisation without leakage.
  2. Policy formulation and data-driven decision-making process.
  3. Balance the fiscal position through targeted policy implementation.

The goal of Padu

  1. Improve the efficiency of the government service delivery system.
  2. Implement strengthening in the use of limited resources.
  3. Implement the empowerment of the social system through the improvement of economic and people's well-being.
  4. Bridging the socioeconomic gap by meeting the needs of the people and balancing development.