Indonesian teen says sorry after forcing cat to smoke cigarette

08 Jan 2024 09:34pm
A screenshot from the video posted on X.
A screenshot from the video posted on X.

SHAH ALAM - An 18-year-old Indonesian girl has issued an apology after facing backlash for a viral video in which she attempted to make a cat smoke a cigarette.

The disturbing video showed her trying to insert a lit cigarette into the cat's mouth.

When unsuccessful, she resorted to blowing the smoke directly onto the cat's face, prompting the frightened feline to quickly jump down and escape.

Following the incident, law enforcement officers visited her to address the matter.

In response, she uploaded a video apologising, claiming it was meant as a joke and that she never intended to inflict harm on animals.

Despite her apology video, she still faced severe criticism and received threats from concerned internet users who wanted to confront her.

An X account user by the name of @thelifeof_tan commented on the video saying: “You are not forgiven.”

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