Tourist bites back at Langkawi restaurant's 'golden' chicken price

16 Jan 2024 08:24am
Picture of a receipt for turmeric fried chicken priced at RM20, uploaded by a user on Facebook.
Picture of a receipt for turmeric fried chicken priced at RM20, uploaded by a user on Facebook.

LANGKAWI - A customer visiting a food establishment at Pantai Chenang here expressed dissatisfaction after being charged RM20 for a plate of turmeric fried chicken, also known as ayam goreng kunyit.

The customer, identified as Hada Jais, shared the receipt on social media, deeming the price exorbitant.

The total bill was RM24, including the fried chicken dish (RM20), a plate of white rice (RM3), and plain water (RM1).

Hada's Facebook post, which has since gone viral, questioned the value of such pricing: "It's no wonder people say Langkawi is expensive.

"Do you think it's reasonable to be charged like this? RM3 for plain rice, RM20 for a simple plate of turmeric fried chicken, and RM1 for plain water."

Hada also advised the public to be cautious and not to experience a similar situation, sharing a photo of the restaurant located in the Chenang area.

Hada also requested netizens not to slam him for sharing his discontent over the prices on social media.

Meanwhile, Kedah Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDN) Director Affendi Rajini Kanth said that action has been taken against the restaurant owner following an inspection by KPDN enforcement officers.

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“A Notice of Confirmation of Goods Information (NPMB) under Section 21 of the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 was issued to the restaurant owner to provide details of all the menu items ordered by the complainant.

"The owner has been given two working days to respond to the notice,” he said.

Investigations revealed that the restaurant's menu book listed the price of a plate of turmeric fried chicken at RM20.

Affendi advised customers to check prices before ordering, reminding them of their right to information.

He added that the inspection found 10 menu books available for customers.

The premises, frequented mainly by foreign tourists, operate six days a week from 10am to 10pm.

“We have also taken the receipt from the complainant for further investigation,” he clarified.

However, attempts to contact Hada for more details on the complaint were unsuccessful.