Two retired Air Force officers reap lucrative income from farming

21 Jan 2024 06:00pm
The 6.07-hectare farm can produce up to 200 tonnes annually, with a potential minimum return of RM600,000.
The 6.07-hectare farm can produce up to 200 tonnes annually, with a potential minimum return of RM600,000.

NILAI - Two young men made the bold decision to retire early from the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) and venture into farming three years ago.

Major (Rtd) Mohd Farid Daud, 37, shared that his 10 years of experience and expertise in aviation engineering were not in vain as he applied them effectively to establish an integrated farming and livestock-rearing operation in Labu Hilir.

The 6.07-hectare farm, under Temin Legacy Sdn Bhd owned by Mohd Farid, in collaboration with his friend Captain (Rtd) Ahmad Haziq Mat Hasan, 37, and his brother Mohd Affendy Daud, 43, can produce up to 200 tonnes annually, with a potential minimum return of RM600,000.

"We began operations in 2022 with an initial capital of RM100,000. Our crops and livestock included bananas, sugarcane, sweet pumpkins, Napier grass, kampung chickens and catfish. Most of the initial seeds were procured from suppliers in Banting, Selangor.

"We distribute our produce to Selayang Wholesale Market, Bandar Baru Bangi and Seremban while wholesalers also visit our farm to procure these goods," he said when met at the farm.

The Pahang-born entrepreneur said that his involvement in agriculture is fueled by its significant potential for future growth and the desire to continue his family's legacy in the sector.

"My family has been actively involved in various plantations, including a nursery in Jerantut. The passion for farming runs in my blood. We previously managed a 40.46-hectare plantation there, but upon relocating to Bangi, I opted to establish a farm in Negeri Sembilan," he said.

Discussing crop maintenance, he explained that routine tasks such as weeding, fertilising and pest control are conducted periodically, following a schedule to ensure the plants remain in good condition.

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While acknowledging having suffered losses of almost RM400,000 due to challenges posed by pests and wild animals damaging the crops, he said the setback did not dampen his determination to continue cultivating the land and contributing to the nation's food security.

As for the future, Mohd Farid said they intend to explore opportunities to expand the farming project on a larger scale, ranging from 40.46 to 121.4 hectares, and integrate the use of drone technology into the cultivation process.

"We also aim to market downstream products derived from these agricultural yields locally and internationally, like China and the United States, within the next five years," he added.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Haziq, a former RMAF Subang pilot, explained that the decision to venture into farming was rooted in recognising the untapped potential within agriculture, especially considering the expansive local market.

He emphasised the importance of young people's involvement, stating that they possess the physical and mental strength to succeed in the farming industry, ensuring the sustainability of food production in the country. - BERNAMA