Hot Water to Hot Topic: To shower or not?

Sinar Daily sniffs out the reasons behind why regular showers are essential and seek some answers as to why some individuals are opting out.

24 Jan 2024 04:58pm
AI generated image by Sinar Daily.
AI generated image by Sinar Daily.

SHAH ALAM - Growing up and living in the tropical climate, you'd think showers especially the morning ones before you start your day - was a normal thing. Suprisingly, there's been a growing undercurrent of skepticism and questioning of the need and necessity to shower.

Conversations today have circled to monring showers becoming a personal choice and for many, influenced by various factors.

Recently, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt made headlines when a former roomate and Beverly Hills' star Jason Priestley said they would play a game to see who could go the longest without showering. When asked who would win these anti-shower contests, Priestley said, “Brad, always Brad. I don’t think he does that anymore, but back then, he could go a long time without showering.”

Celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis also made headlines last year about them uninterested about bathing where Kutcher was quoted saying in an intereview: "Now here's the thing: If you can see the dirt on them, clean them. Otherwise, there’s no point."

To address this

Sinar Daily sniffs out the reasons behind why regular showers are essential and seek some answers as to why some individuals are opting out. Let's consider the pros and cons of hygiene routines that could help you lead a better lifestyle.

Consultant paediatrician Datuk Dr Musa Mohd Nordin provides several keypoints when it comes to the topic of bathing. Here's why you should be taking a good morning rinse:

Personal hygiene concerns: While occasional breaks may benefit the skin, skipping showers altogether can raise concerns about body odour and overall personal hygiene, especially in warmer climates or after exercise.

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Social and workplace impacts: Depending on cultural norms and work environments, skipping morning showers might clash with societal expectations or personal interactions, potentially leading to discomfort or social stigma.

Environmental factors: Not showering every morning might not suit everyone, especially in areas with high humidity or pollution, impacting comfort levels and cleanliness perceptions.

Hair and scalp issues: For some individuals, less frequent hair washing could lead to scalp issues like excess oil buildup, dandruff, or irritation, affecting overall hair health and appearance. Hair issues - visual and olfaction wise - is not the greatest look for people.

Adapting to preferences: Embracing the 'no morning shower' culture is a personal choice. It is crucial to find a balance between reaping its potential benefits and managing its potential drawbacks when you consider such lifestyle.

Despite the unusual practice of not showering in a tropical climate, Universiti Malaya's Dr Muhamad Afiq Aziz from the Institue of Biological Sciences highlighted key takeways on why some people opt to skip it. Would you agree?

Skin health considerations: Avoiding frequent hot water exposure can help maintain the skin's natural oils, preventing excessive dryness and irritation.

Water conservation: The conscious decision to skip morning showers aligns with environmental concerns. By reducing water usage, individuals contribute to conservation efforts, promoting sustainability in their daily habits.

Hair health: Not washing the hair daily might prevent stripping away natural oils, preserving hair health and texture. This practice may contribute to maintaining hair strength and preventing dryness.

Time-efficient mornings: Embracing the 'no morning shower' routine can save time, allowing individuals to kick-start their day without spending extra minutes on a lengthy shower routine.

Body's natural rhythm: Some proponents believe in allowing the body's natural oils to work overnight, advocating for occasional breaks from daily showers to let the skin restore its natural balance.

Reduced dependency on products: Skipping morning showers means using fewer shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners. This can reduce reliance on products, potentially cutting down expenses and lessening exposure to certain chemicals.

To shower or not to shower - especially in the morning?

Washing yourself is a personal preference but one should consider the various factors that come into play. Based on the key points shared by both Dr Musa and Dr Afiq, it is clear that one must look as the potential advantages and drawbacks that occur when it comes to not showering. It is always best to tailor your personal hygiene routines that suits your daily activities, skin, hair, lifestyle and also environmental factors.

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