Motorcycle rain continues for devoted Harimau Malaya supporter, this time from Faisal Halim

Fan's fleet grows as support for national team is rewarded

29 Jan 2024 11:51am

THE saying "tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia tiada siapa tahu" may hold true for chickens, but for Derrick Gan, the "red-haired brother" and devoted Harimau Malaya supporter, his dedication has manifested in two gleaming motorcycles.

Derrick, who captured hearts nationwide with his emotional tears during Malaysia's Asian Cup matches, recently received a Yamaha LC135 from nimble-footed national player Faisal Halim and his sponsor, Blast Active. This comes hot on the heels of a scooter gifted by Modenas upon his return from Doha.

Faisal, moved by Derrick's passion that even led him to sell his previous bike to support the team, expressed his appreciation with the surprise gift.

"As a player, I was touched by your dedication.

"So, I had the intention to gift you a motorcycle.

"This is your motorcycle," Faisal said in a video.

Derrick's emotional journey began when his tearful reaction to Malaysia's second goal, a penalty by Arif Aiman, resonated with fans across the nation.

But the backstory revealed a deeper commitment – he had sold his motorcycle to afford the trip to Qatar.

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This outpouring of support isn't over yet.

A generous individual identified as Ahmad Alhafiz Najmi, touched by Derrick's story, has pledged a Honda RS150 estimated at RM6,000.

Soon, the "red-haired brother" will have a fleet of bikes to match his unwavering passion for Harimau Malaya.

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