Cold drinks won't freeze your eggs! Doctor debunks fertility myths

Doctor opens up about secondary infertility

04 Feb 2024 04:02pm
1/3 of infertility cases linked to male factors, says Dr Say Shazril - Photo by Sinar
1/3 of infertility cases linked to male factors, says Dr Say Shazril - Photo by Sinar

SHAH ALAM - Conversations about fertility are common among married couples, often associated more with women, though it can affect men as well.

Secondary infertility, a condition where couples who already have children struggle to conceive again, was discussed by celebrity doctor Dr Say Shazril in a recent video on TikTok.

"If a couple under 35, with an existing child, tries to conceive for over a year without protection, they fall into the category of secondary infertility," he said.

He highlighted that infertility is not solely a woman's issue, with 1/3 attributed to men, 1/3 to women, and the remaining 1/3 unknown or a combination of both.

The doctor responded to a media report where a man blamed his wife's supposed infertility on her drinking ice.

Dr Say stressed his dislike for baseless claims linking cold foods or drinks to fertility issues.

He debunked the myth that consuming cold substances could freeze eggs in the uterus, leading to infertility.

Explaining that the body heats up anything cold to its temperature, he urged against placing blame solely on women for infertility.

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Dr Say urged couples experiencing secondary infertility to seek advice and treatment, emphasising that having one child doesn't guarantee fertility forever.

"Don't assume that you will have it forever once you have a child.

"The cause of secondary infertility can be due to advancing age, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), low testosterone levels and many more," he added.

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