Scams are on the rise day by day

06 Feb 2024 08:00pm
Photo for illustration purposes only. - 123RF
Photo for illustration purposes only. - 123RF

It seems like there is no end to fraud and scam cases in Malaysia, with an escalating prevalence, leading to a growing number of victims.

As highlighted on the front page of Sinar Harian today, the surge of such cases was attributed to the vulnerability of victims who easily succumbed to panic and lack awareness about cyber technology.

Malaysian Cyber Consumer Association (MCCA) chairman Datuk Ahmad Noordin Ismail said these criminals were cunning in manipulating the psychology of victims to the extent that victims would disclose their personal details, including their banking information to scammers.

As a result, victims would eventually be trapped by the scammers resulting in them losing millions of ringgit.

Noordin said that scammers find it difficult to accurately determine the amount of money in the bank accounts of the public.

However, they can estimate the financial status of victims based on the personal profiles they acquired, such as age and type of job.

This indicated that it is not safe to disclose personal information on social media nowadays.

Upon examination, the issue of scammers in Malaysia is not new, and it can be said that almost every month there are victims.

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As a result, there were many news reports about those who became victims, yet many still fell for the tactics of fraud crimes.

To prevent this issue from persisting, the government, together with media, must play a role in providing more information about scammers.

To succeed in this effort, children, especially, needed to explain to their parents not to be deceived by the tricks of these criminal frauds.