KL cinches 10th place in Tripadvisor's world's 'Trending Destinations’

13 Feb 2024 08:00pm
Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo - 123RF
Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo - 123RF

SHAH ALAM – Kuala Lumpur has been recognised as the tenth place in Trending Destinations List among the Best of the Best Destinations, according to Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award for 2024.

Asia dominates the list of emerging travel hotspots for 2024, claiming the top five positions in the world's Trending Destinations, which highlight locations experiencing significant year-over-year growth in interest.

In the list of the top 10 destinations, eight hail from Asia, with Tokyo, Japan claiming the first spot, followed by Seoul, South Korea in second place, and Halong Bay, Vietnam in third place.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, rounded out the list as the tenth-best Trending Destination.

Tripadvisor Editorial Head Sarah Firshein said that it was exciting that there was a resurgence of long-haul trips to Asia now that the region has fully reopened post-pandemic.

"With 94 per cent of Americans planning to travel as much, if not more, than last year, enthusiasm is high and this year's list of Travelers' Choice Best of the Best Destinations really reflects that excitement.

"Winners like Dubai, Tokyo, Paris, and Marrakech indicate that our community has an unbridled appetite for destinations with vibrant arts-and-culture scenes, top-notch restaurants, and seemingly limitless attractions and experiences.

“It's also great to see a rebound on long-haul trips to Asia, with the region having fully opened up post-pandemic; as Tripadvisor's Trending Destinations list shows, travellers are keen to get out there and explore with gusto,” she said in a statement.

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The list, made public on Jan 9, encompassed seven categories including Top Destinations, Trending Destinations, Culture Destinations, Food Destinations, Nature Destinations, along with two new subcategories, Honeymoon Destinations and Sustainable Destinations.

Tripadvisor reported a renewed interest in global travel last year and their research suggested that this trend would continue into 2024, with nearly half of respondents planning three or more trips, with 46 per cent intending to embark on at least one international journey.

The selection process for Tripadvisor’s 2024 Travelers Choice Awards for Best of the Best Destinations involves assessing the quality and quantity of reviews pertaining to accommodations, dining options and activities within each award subcategory.

These evaluations were drawn from reviews submitted by travellers worldwide on Tripadvisor between Oct 1, 2022 and Sept 30, 2023.

On Sunday, Tourism Malaysia said that it was optimistic about reaching its target of 27.3 million foreign tourist arrivals this year, citing various factors including the government's charter flight matching grant incentive and the Visa Liberalisation programme.