'You are the frontliner': IGP motivates officers in unscheduled visit

IGP Razarudin inspects personnel, interacts with officers

14 Feb 2024 01:16pm
IGP Razarudin inspects personnel, interacts with officers - Screenshot obtained from social media
IGP Razarudin inspects personnel, interacts with officers - Screenshot obtained from social media

SHAH ALAM - Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Razarudin Husain, using the call sign ‘Aman Satu,’ made a surprise appearance at the Nilai district police headquarters command centre (DCC) as a follow-up to his prior visit to the Kajang DCC on Feb 10.

In a video shared on the Royal Malaysian Police's official TikTok account, Razarudin was seen making an unexpected appearance as he entered the premises of the Nilai DCC.

Employing his callsign ‘Aman Satu,’ Razarudin once again communicated via radio with patrolmen across the districts, seeking information about their locations and activities.

He also offered words of guidance and motivation to the on-duty patrolmen.

"To the mobile patrol vehicles and motorcycle patrol units (URB), you are the frontline force, engaging with and assisting the public.

“Therefore, I urge you to carry out your duties with diligence, prioritise your safety, and ensure the well-being of the government assets under your care.

"Most importantly, take care of the people. Remember, the force's effectiveness is reflected through the conduct of those on the ground. You are the frontline ambassadors," he conveyed over the police radio.

During his unannounced visit to the Nilai DCC, Razarudin also scrutinised the offices of various departments within the district police headquarters and the lock-up facility, interacting with the on-duty police personnel.

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Meanwhile, on Feb 10, the top cop also made a surprise visit to the Kajang DCC.

The nation's top police officer took charge and inspected daily operations of his subordinates.

He was observed examining the patrol logs and aiding the on-duty police officer in performing calculations related to the patrol movements.

He took to the police radio to address all patrol vehicles in the vicinity, instructing the patrol officers to provide updates on their status and locations.

“Greetings to everyone. Carry out your duties well, ensure safety, take care of yourselves, safeguard government assets, and also protect the community.

“To all field officers, I conclude with greetings of peace be upon you all,” Razarudin said.

Razarudin's hands-on approach sends a clear message about accountability within the force and underlines his recent warnings to police chiefs regarding their responsibility for subordinates' conduct.

As reported by Bernama, Razarudin clarified that the surprise visit was not intended for fault-finding or punishment.

Taking to his official TikTok account, Razarudin explained that the purpose of the visit was to verify the correct assignment of personnel and manpower.

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