Understanding Quranic language: Think Quran is the right choice

15 Feb 2024 02:38pm

SHAH ALAM - Muslims who aim to understand and learn the Quranic vocabulary easily and quickly, the Think Quran application comes highly recommended.

Rosmenee Mardofee, 43, who was one of Think Quran users said before using the application, she encountered difficulties in understanding the Quran due to limited proficiency in the Arabic language.

However, she successfully overcame this difficulty after being introduced to Think Quran, which was developed by Think Osem Sdn Bhd.

"Before this, I tried various methods, including attending Arabic language classes, but I was stuck due to several factors.

"I really wanted to memorise and understand the Quran. I was seeking for an effective and easy way to do so and then started using the Think Quran app after being introduced to it by my sister," she said.

She added that understanding the meaning of the Quran had led her to a deep love for the holy book.

"Previously, I read the Quran occasionally. But after understanding it, I fell in love with it and continued reading it and I feel that time is no longer an obstacle," she said.

Rosmenee said she was touched when her sister shared the link to the application with her last year.

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"I have been using this app for six months and have successfully mastered 1,000 Arabic words in a short time," she added.

Rosmenee said she was confident that the Think Quran application has the potential to shape a generation that is more connected to the Quran in the future.

"With the Think Quran application, the process of learning Quranic vocabulary becomes easier, faster and more enjoyable, helping Muslims to better understand and love the words of Allah SWT," she added.