Young patient on dialysis after relying on coffee shakes for weight loss

Nutritionist warns against risky slimming products

21 Feb 2024 10:13am
Photo for illustration purpose only. - Illustrated by Sinar Daily
Photo for illustration purpose only. - Illustrated by Sinar Daily

SHAH ALAM - Nutritionist Jazeera Julaili issued a strong warning against consuming unregulated slimming products, citing a young patient who suffered kidney failure requiring dialysis.

"A patient in their 30s, a client of mine, began relying on coffee-based slimming shakes in 2022.

"While they initially lost 10-20 kilogrammes rapidly, this success came at a devastating cost," Jazeera said on her social media platform

With the patient's consent, Jazeera shared their story as a public health message.

The patient, initially unaware of the dangers, continued consuming the product despite experiencing fatigue and weakness in 2024.

A routine checkup revealed a drastically reduced kidney function, with an eGFR (a measure of kidney health) of only 40.

Ignoring these warnings, the patient's health deteriorated, culminating in fainting and requiring emergency medical attention.

Blood tests revealed an alarmingly low eGFR of 3 and extremely high creatinine levels, indicative of kidney failure.

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"While sharing such stories is difficult," Jazeera stressed, "the public needs to be aware of the potential risks associated with unregulated slimming products."

She urged individuals to prioritise healthy, sustainable weight loss methods under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

Jazeera specifically addressed creators of coffee-based slimming products, cautioning them against misleading claims of health ministry registration.

"Such registration doesn't equate to safety.

"Ultimately, the decision to consume these products carries significant risks.

"Seek professional advice before making potentially harmful choices," she added.

Jazeera's message resonated with social media users.

One user, @aidyjohan, commented, "No apologies needed for speaking the truth.

"The responsibility lies with those promoting harmful products."

Another user, @msvrxh, highlighted the importance of responsible health practices, stating, "Rapid weight loss through products often affects vital organs like kidneys and liver, a lesson I learned in biology class."

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