'No regrets, I was a bloody good wife', netizens slam woman for sharing divorce hacks

Anonymous woman's divorce story sparks debate on X.

22 Feb 2024 01:21pm
Woman's divorce story triggers clash of opinions - Photo for illustration purpose only.
Woman's divorce story triggers clash of opinions - Photo for illustration purpose only.

SHAH ALAM - A woman's anonymous sharing of her personal experiences on divorce has ignited discussions on platform X. However, the post, detailing her tactics and justifications, has garnered mixed reactions and raised ethical concerns.

The user, keeping her identity hidden, revealed details of a "sexless marriage" lasting over ten years and her belief her husband sought another partner.

"Thinking of divorce? Ladies, do it like I did. After a decade (or more) of a sexless marriage, I can see him searching for someone new," she said.

The woman further revealed taking complete control of her husband's salary with his consent and keeping track of all his assets.

"I take control 100 per cent of his salary. He trusts me. I just give him enough money to spend. I know all his assets," she said.

She also insisted her husband to transfer the house to her and their children, which he agreed to do.

"I told him to transfer his house to our child, and he agreed.

"He's straightforward and loves our child dearly, so it was easy," she added.

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She disclosed creating a close attachment with their children from birth, ensuring the kids are on her side in the event of divorce.

"Our child is firmly on my side. I spend more time at home, so our child has always been close to me since birth until now that they're working," she revealed.

She also declared that she would immediately kick her husband out of the house if rumours of him wishing to remarry arose.

"So when rumours arose that he wanted to remarry, my child and I kicked him out of the house (which wasn't even his anymore).

"And yes, I proceeded with the divorce.

"I got my share of assets, and our child sided with me. I'm single and don't care about him anymore. Let him struggle alone. No regrets," she said.

Being proud of her divorce tactics, she ended with "I was a bloody good wife, and I deserve to be happy."

Her post sparked anger among users, accusing her of manipulating her ex-husband.

A user in X slammed the women and expressed her disappointment over such an evil move on getting a divorce.

"As a woman, I read your message with anger.

"The way you wrote your confession made me feel like the 'sexless marriage' part (the main reason your ex wanted to find someone else) is somehow your fault or that you didn't want to give.

"You have manipulated (mentally) your ex-husband, and that's such an evil move. You're so cruel.

"I pray that your ex-husband's future wife comes from a good family and can accept him as he is.

"Let him start anew with someone who isn't as manipulative as you," the user said.

Meanwhile, another user warned her of her future, citing the concept of karma.

"The tables will turn. Time will tell. Don’t be too happy. There will be consequences later. Karma is real, okay," the user commented.