Learn from BloomThis Founder and Sedania CEO at Sinar Daily's She Leads event

25 Feb 2024 04:25pm
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SHAH ALAM - Get ready to connect, grow, and thrive! Sinar Daily is proud to introduce She Leads, a series of curated networking events designed to empower women in the workforce.

She Leads goes beyond traditional events, offering an exclusive platform for women to connect, share valuable insights, and explore exciting career possibilities.

The first event, titled "Setting Goals & Structure," kicks off on Feb 27 at the Karangkraf Auditorium at 2:30 PM. Join two inspiring leaders who will share their secrets to successful goal-setting and unwavering perseverance.

They are renowned entrepreneur and BloomThis founder Penny Choo will join forces with Sedania As-Salam Capital Sdn Bhd, Chief Executive Officer, Nisa Ismail.

Let's get to know Nisa. Khairul Nisa Ismail also known as Nisa Ismail, embodies the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the dynamic world of digital technology.

Nisa Ismail's journey as an outstanding entrepreneur is firmly rooted in an educational background. She proudly holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in Law from Oxford Brookes University, a foundational academic pursuit that seamlessly blended legal expertise with entrepreneurship.

This fusion of law and entrepreneurial spirit positioned her to adeptly navigate intricate business landscapes, negotiate strategic partnerships, and innovate at the crossroads of legal complexities and business prospects.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Nisa Ismail has been at the forefront of major initiatives, particularly in the fintech and aviation sectors. Her remarkable 10-year stint in the aviation industry focused on revolutionising customer loyalty and engagement, notably during her role as the Head of Loyalty at AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines.

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It was during this phase that she transitioned into financial services, facilitating co-branded cards and co-branded savings accounts with banks. This initiative provided both the airline and the banks' customers with unique features, enhancing the overall experience for both parties.

Nisa Ismail is currently the CEO of Sedania As-Salam Capital Sdn. Bhd ("SASC"), a fintech company that is a subsidiary of Sedania Innovator Bhd.

Her career has been distinguished by her innovative leadership, her devotion to digital transformation, and her steadfast dedication to quality. She is in charge of a fintech company at SASC that is actively influencing the direction of the Islamic digital market.

With an emphasis on advancing advanced Shariah-compliant fintech solutions and enhancing SASC's standing as a local and regional Islamic Fintech supplier, Nisa has been instrumental in the development of an all-encompassing Islamic Financial Services ecosystem.

The As-Sidq Commodity Trading Platform, the Marketplace for Islamic Product, the Digital Banking Suite of Services, and the newest offering, Hibah services, are all part of her endeavours.

The company is working in close partnership with Wasiyyah Shoppe Berhad to spearhead the creation of the world's first digital Hibah platform. With approximately RM80 billion in unclaimed assets owned by Muslims in Malaysia, this fintech solution is positioned to solve a huge socioeconomic concern by streamlining effective digital Islamic inheritance and wealth planning solutions.

Having been a strong technological partner to over 95 Financial Service Institutions (FSIs), SASC is a major force behind the development of digital banking in Malaysia.

Under the direction of Nisa, the organisation, which has as its central goal the development of ethical and impactful partnerships and the provision of inclusive financial services, works closely with customers to utilise cutting-edge technology in order to propel the financial industry's expansion and innovation.

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