Chandat@Terapung unveils its doors in Shah Alam, offering lakeside dining

26 Feb 2024 05:54pm
PKNS deputy chief executive officer Suhaimi Kasdon (centre) and SACC Convec chief executive chief officer Azlina Amran (second from right).
PKNS deputy chief executive officer Suhaimi Kasdon (centre) and SACC Convec chief executive chief officer Azlina Amran (second from right).

SHAH ALAM - Nestled by the serene ambiance of Shah Alam's lakeside, a new culinary gem has emerged, attracting both locals and tourists alike to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.

Chandat@Terapung Restaurant brings you the best where grilled fish and seafood take centre stage, tantalising taste buds with their exquisite flavours and innovative dishes.

Inaugurated under the visionary leadership of PKNS Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Suhaimi Kasdon, Chandat@Terapung Restaurant stands as a testament to the state government's mandate to enrich the local dining scene.

"At Chandat@Terapung Restaurant, we celebrate the art of grilling and seafood mastery. Our menu is a symphony of flavours, crafted by our seasoned chefs, with squid taking the spotlight as our signature dish," SACC Convec Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Azlina Amran said.

The name 'Chandat' itself bears a nostalgic tale, born from the reminiscence of a childhood squid fishing adventure.

Selected through an internal competition, it embodies the restaurant's essence - a place where cherished memories are created over sumptuous seafood delights.

"The name of this restaurant emerged from an internal competition organised by SCSB for employees to suggest a name for the upcoming restaurant. An employee suggested the name Chandat by recounting his childhood story of squid fishing with his father and uncle.

"It caught attention because he was willing to skip school just to go squid fishing and got a decent catch," she said.

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Led by award-winning chef with over 15 years in culinary arts, Chef Rizal Nahar served as one of the judges through a Masterchef-style competition held by the restaurant recently, specifically for employees to generate great ideas and recipes for the restaurant.

"Interestingly, it wasn't only kitchen staff who participated in this competition, but also administrative and marketing staff.

"As a result of the competition, one menu was selected and we made it our special menu, which is the stuffed squid dish," Azlina said.

Also, the excitement doesn't end there!

As Ramadan draws near, Chandat@Terapung Restaurant cordially invites you to partake in our opulent Ramadan buffet, available from March 15 to April 7.

Early birds can seize this opportunity at an exclusive rate of RM118, while regular prices for adults are RM138 and RM68 for children and seniors.

Savour a diverse selection of dishes, including grilled fish, fresh crabs, succulent squids, and more!

Additionally, delight in an assortment of appetisers, soups, and delectable desserts offered at the buffet spreads.

Aside from Ramadan buffet, the restaurant also offers lunch sets starting from RM14.90, while the first lucky 1,000 customers will receive complimentary packets of biscuits, courtesy of the restaurant's chef.

Plus, enjoy RM50 off your bill with a minimum spend of RM200, enticing you to savour more of their delectable offerings.

But wait, there's more!

Experience the ultimate afternoon tea extravaganza every Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays from 3pm to 6pm.

Delight in a selection of Chandat shrimp fritters, anchovy fritters, seafood dips and fish crackers, perfectly complemented by the scenic lakeside view.