Think Quran app: Start early to acquire 'spiritual investment' for afterlife - User

28 Feb 2024 12:16pm
Datin Paduka Norkhaila Jamaluddin
Datin Paduka Norkhaila Jamaluddin

SHAH ALAM - The use of the educational application Think Quran should be promoted more, especially among young children to gain a 'spiritual investment'.

Former Taman Medan assemblywoman Datin Paduka Norkhaila Jamaluddin, 74, who has been using the application for two months found that it was helpful in mastering the Arabic language and understanding the Quran easily.

"After using Think Quran, I can now grasp keywords and vocabulary, making the experience enjoyable as opposed to just reading it.

"Even as I age, I make an effort to consistently practice it. I hope that Think Quran would be extensively used (by others) and not discontinued midway.

"This is a 'spiritual investment.' Even though we think about worldly matters, matters of the hereafter need to be prioritised," she said when met by Sinar at the Think Osem Sdn Bhd office here recently.

Think Osem is a local company that developed the Think Quran application, offering an understanding of the Quran in four languages namely Arabic, Malay, Indonesian and Turkish.

NorKhaila added she found that the most interesting part about Think Quran was the explanation of the Arabic language, which was then translated into the Malay language.

Moreover, the interactive content of Think Quran made it easy for her to memorise words repeatedly through exercises.

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"Not that I couldn't recite the Quran, but after using Think Quran, I am able to understand the meaning of the words I recited in the Quran," she said adding that she spent an hour a day after Fajr prayers on the application.

"After Maghrib, I will sit down and discuss with my grandchildren while using Think Quran for about 15 minutes," she said