Tailors still receiving orders for Eid clothing

The number of orders received is lesser compared to last year.

02 Mar 2024 09:00pm

KUANTAN - Despite the competition in ready-made clothing in the market, tailors and sewing shop owners are still receiving orders in conjunction with the Eid celebration next April.

Although the number of orders was said to be not as much as four years ago, they remained loyal in providing order and clothing alterations services to customers.

Tailor Nor Ain Natasya Zaid, 20, acknowledged that the number of orders she received until now was lesser compared to last year.

She said due to this, orders were still open to customers who wanted to use her services.

"I accept clothing orders until two weeks before Eid. Thus, there is still an opportunity for those who want to do so.

"After that period, orders will be closed because I need to complete customers’ orders," she said when met by Sinar at her residence in Kampung Balok on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Nor Ain Shuhada Zaid, 33, who had been sewing for more than 10 years, also found that orders for this year's Eid had somewhat reduced.

"So far, I have started receiving orders for Eid clothes, but not up to 50 orders.

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"But I believe that the number will increase before the arrival of Ramadan," she said.

However, Nor Ain Shuhada said that in addition to accepting orders, she also offers alteration services for clothes, which provides an additional income.

Meanwhile, the owner of a sewing shop, who wants to be known as Khoo, 65, acknowledged that there was still a demand for tailors despite the need to compete with the sale of ready-made clothing.

He added orders for men's Eid clothes are less because of a lack of workers.

"So, I take as much as I can, and orders are still accepted," he said, having been sewing traditional clothing for more than 40 years.