Leap year blessings, parents welcome special births on Feb 29

Unique significance to families as they welcome new members on this extraordinary date.

29 Feb 2024 08:20pm
Babies born on Feb 29. Photo by Bernama
Babies born on Feb 29. Photo by Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR - Births on February 29, occurring once every four years, bring a unique significance to families as they welcome new members on this extraordinary date.

The joy and gratitude of having a precious addition to the family on this special date have been expressed by parents nationwide, deeming it a meaningful blessing.

In PAHANG, Faezah Ahmad Rosli, 35, and her husband Ahmad Ahdhorol Jinan Mohammad Afik, 39, are both grateful and delighted for the arrival of their baby boy on this leap day at 9.34 am today.

Faezah said that the thought of giving birth to her third child today never crossed her mind, as the due date was scheduled for March 10.

"Alhamdulillah, what matters most is the baby's health. This birth has been eagerly anticipated, especially given the six-year age gap between the youngest and the second child. Consequently, the preparations for him are akin to those for a firstborn," said Faezah, who delivered her baby weighing 3.06 kilogrammes at KPJ Pahang Specialist Hospital in Kuantan

Meanwhile, State Health Department director Datuk Dr Rusdi Abdul Rahman, in a statement today, said a total of 24 babies were born across the state from midnight to 11 am. The earliest baby, a girl, weighing 3.71 kg, was born at 12:18 am at Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital.

In NEGERI SEMBILAN, State Health Department director Datuk Dr Harlina Abdul Rashid said that 14 babies were born in seven hospitals in the state, with six being boys and eight girls as of 2 pm.

Nur Aswanizan Mislan, a 30-year-old mother, shared that she did not anticipate delivering her second daughter, weighing 2.57 kg, at Tuanku Ja'afar Seremban Hospital, as her due date was originally set for March 20.

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"This morning, I was supposed to undergo induced labor because the baby was too small. However, when the nurse informed me that I could deliver as the cervix was open, I felt elated. My daughter was born healthy, and this leap year is truly special; I will be able to celebrate her birthday every four years," said the lecturer at a vocational school in Selangor.

In JOHOR, KPJ Bandar Dato' Onn Specialist Hospital chief executive officer Muhamad Amin Othman said that two babies, a boy and a girl, were safely delivered at the hospital today.

Muhamad Amin said the baby boy weighing 2.87 kg and the baby girl weighing 3.19 kg were born at 9.08am and 4.14am respectively.

For the parents of the baby girl, Azzan Jamaludin, 34, and Nor Nabihah Rusli, 34, their gratitude for the arrival of their fourth child was coupled with excitement that it coincided with a special and unique date.

"We are thankful that our baby was born safely, irrespective of the date. Originally, my wife was expected to give birth on the 1st of Ramadan (March 12).

"This is a unique date; not many people share their birthdays with it, so it's genuinely special for us as a family," he expressed when contacted today.

In TERENGGANU, State Health Department director Datuk Dr Kasemani Embong said a total of 23 leap year babies were born in six main Terengganu hospitals namely Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital (HSNZ), Dungun Hospital, Hulu Terengganu Hospital, Kemaman Hospital, Setiu Hospital and Besut Hospital.

In MELAKA, a total of 14 'leap year' babies were born in the state from midnight until 3 pm today, said State Health, Human Resources and Unity Committee chairman Ngwe Hee Sem.

He said the 14 babies comprising of seven boys and seven girls were born at Melaka Hospital.

In SARAWAK, two government hospitals recorded 12 births until noon today on this leap year day.

Among these, Sarawak General Hospital reported 10 births, with seven being baby girls and three boys. At Sibu Hospital, one baby boy and one baby girl were born between midnight and noon today. - BERNAMA