Modernising padi farming under Rosmarizan's lead

Kelantanese women prove their worth in various industries

08 Mar 2024 01:06pm
Rosmarizan cultivates 50 acres of padi land in Pasir Puteh. - Photo by Bernama
Rosmarizan cultivates 50 acres of padi land in Pasir Puteh. - Photo by Bernama

KOTA BHARU - The involvement of women in various employment sectors, especially business in Kelantan is no longer something foreign but has become integrated into the local culture.

For a long time women of 'Che Siti Wan Kembang' state have been persistent and determined in exploring various types of businesses including the production of food, batik and various other local products.

The same spirit is also a source of strength for a woman farmer, Rosmarizan Mohd Bakari, 40, who cultivates 50 acres of padi land in Pasir Puteh while also starting to cultivate sugarcane near her home in Ketereh.

"I started getting exposed to planting padi since I was a teenager because I was following my father to the fields and learned the intricacies of farming.

"After my father died 12 years ago, I decided to continue the task and made it my main source of income," she told Bernama recently in conjunction with International Women's Day which was celebrated today.

Rosmarizan said at the beginning she was not confident because the work of cultivating padi fields is rarely done by women and it is physically demanding, besides having to work under the scorching sun.

"Relying on my experience, I was determined to continue and was able to generate an income of about RM100,000 per season," she said.

According to her, besides applying the knowledge she learned from her father, she also never stopped learning about agriculture, including the latest technology that facilitates work in the rice fields.

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"The use of drones, for example, greatly facilitates the work of sowing seeds, pesticide and fertilizer, as well as saving the cost of hiring many workers," she said.

Sharing the story on the ups and downs of the career she chose, Rosmarizan said she was bent on continuing to work in the field she entered even though some disputed her ability.

"Yes, there were ups and downs but I am determined to continue in the field of agriculture and I took another step forward through my sugarcane crop that has been cultivated in the last two years," she said.

She said since last year, she started producing frozen sugarcane water and sold about 6,000 bottles per month at RM5 per bottle to locals while raking in an income of about RM40,000.

"Following the very encouraging response, I have given the opportunity to 10 agents to expand this business by entering the market outside Kelantan, namely to Penang and Johor," she said. - BERNAMA

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