Home-cooked meals more cost-effective for families

Financial expert said the estimated weekly expenditure for grocery shopping for a family of four or five was only RM100.

Roskhoirah Yahya
Roskhoirah Yahya
12 Mar 2024 03:30pm
Photo for illustration purposes only. - 123RF
Photo for illustration purposes only. - 123RF

SHAH ALAM - Cooking at home is a more budget-friendly option compared to buying food at Ramadan bazaars especially for married couples.

Financial expert Dr Azizul Azli Ahmad said the estimated weekly expenditure for grocery shopping for a family of four or five was only RM100.

The amount, he said was considered more economical than buying food outside for iftar (breaking fast).

"With RM100, we can buy chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables. Besides, the cooking ingredients last longer, resulting in cost savings.

"If there are many people (in a house), we usually buy cooking ingredients in large quantities and the prices are cheaper and there would not be any additional charge imposed by bazaar traders.

"At home, we also already know what to eat while at the bazaar, we might tend to buy more food," he told Sinar.

Azizul added that it was different for individuals who were single as they could save more by buying food from the bazaar.

He said sometimes the cost of preparing cooking ingredients was more expensive than buying pre-cooked food.

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"For example, buying a mackerel can already cost RM18 to RM21 per kilogramme, not including other ingredients.

"So, I think for a single person, it's better to buy food outside. What is important is managing finances wisely.

"Do not go to the bazaar wanting to buy a martabak but then bringing back various other dishes; resist the temptation," he said.

He also suggested breaking the fast at the mosque or surau because it was more economical.

"I encourage us to sponsor (food for iftar) one night out of 30 nights at the mosque or surau and breaking fast there every night.

"Besides managing our worship during Ramadan and elevating the sanctity of the mosque, we can also make financial savings," he said.


Popular Ramadan bazaar food

Roti John - RM7 to RM9

Murtabak - RM5

Noodles/vermicelli - RM5

Tepung pelita - RM1

Kuih koci - RM0.50

Kuih lapis - RM0.60

Lepat pisang – RM1

Seri Muka - RM0.60

Kuih talam - RM0.60

Bingka - RM3

Kuih Cara (five pieces) - RM4

Potato curry puff - RM0.60

Roasted chicken (whole) - RM25