Kuala Krai residents claim no clean water supply since a year ago

Approximately 700 residents in three villages in Mukim Manjor have been facing problems with clean water supply for over a year.

12 Mar 2024 01:12pm

KUALA KRAI - Approximately 700 residents in three villages in Mukim Manjor, Kuala Krai have been facing problems with clean water supply for over a year.

The situation in Kampung Lela Jasa, Lebur, and Sungai Rek has persisted, leaving them to welcome this year's Ramadan in difficulty due to the lack of clean water supply.

Rubber tapper Mukhtar Ibrahim, 50 said the absence of clean water supply forces him to pump water from Sungai Rek, located one kilometre from his house for daily use such as washing clothes and bathing.

Those farther from the river have to fetch water from the nearest relatives' homes.

He said the situation becomes more challenging, especially with young children and school-going ones.

Additionally, they have to buy bottled water for cooking or drinking purposes.

"I had to build a rubber hose for about one kilometre to pump water from Sungai Rek using an engine pump purchased for RM400 for home use," he said when met at Sungai Rek on Monday.

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Restaurant owner Yazid Yaacob, 62, emphasised the difficulties faced in running his business and daily life without a clean water supply since August last year.

The residents attempted to address the issue by contributing funds to build a tube well, costing approximately RM15,000 due to the depth of over 50 meters that needed digging to access water in the area.

"We could only build one tube well to be shared by 40 residents but the water from the tube well is also insufficient, especially during the dry season.

“That's why I have to fetch water from the tube well at the mosque next to my house and pay RM20 each time to fill about 200 gallons of water in the tank," he said.

Housewife Rohaya Che Soh, 53, said that the water from Sungai Lebir used by her family is cloudier than in Sungai Rek, causing her grandchildren to experience skin irritation.

She said the pump used has broken several times and needs to be replaced due to the thick mud and hoped the authorities would pay attention to resolving the issue.

"Several complaints have been made, but this problem has not been resolved, and we continue to struggle and suffer to get a water supply, including collecting rainwater during the monsoon season, besides the electricity bill soaring twice due to the use of the engine pump," she said.

"We hope the government can help provide a clean water supply to this village for the use of all residents," she added.

Sinar is making efforts to obtain feedback from the relevant authorities regarding this issue.