'Swifties' or 'striptease'? Hilarious misunderstanding rocks Dewan Rakyat

Malaysian parliament erupts in laughter over Taylor Swift

14 Mar 2024 03:33pm
Deputy Speaker (Ramli, left) thought Fahmi said "striptease" instead of "Swifties" In Parliament
Deputy Speaker (Ramli, left) thought Fahmi said "striptease" instead of "Swifties" In Parliament

SHAH ALAM - Taylor Swift's influence has reached unexpected corners, even finding its way into the halls of Malaysia's Dewan Rakyat, where a lighthearted moment unfolded during a recent parliamentary session.

The untroubled moment unfolded yesterday when Members of Parliament (MPs) inquired why Malaysia wasn't included in Swift's record-breaking "The Eras Tour."

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil attempted to clarify the situation, revealing he wasn't a "Swiftie" but a dedicated follower of Malaysian songstress Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, known as a "SitiZoner."

However, a hilarious misunderstanding arose when Deputy Speaker Datuk Ramli Mohd Nor misheard Fahmi.

Instead of "Swifties," the Deputy Speaker mistakenly asked, "YB, striptease?" causing a wave of laughter and confusion amongst the MPs.

Fahmi quickly rectified the situation, explaining he was referring to Taylor Swift's fans, not an inappropriate dance performance.

This innocent mix-up provided a welcome moment of fun during the parliamentary proceedings, showcasing the unforeseen ways pop culture can intersect with the world of politics.

The incident also reignited discussions surrounding Swift's recent sold-out concerts in Singapore.

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