Characteristics of a good husband in Islam

18 Mar 2024 08:30pm
Photo for illustration purposes only.
Photo for illustration purposes only.

People say there is no point in aspiring to have a husband as good as Ali bin Abi Talib RA if one is not as remarkable as Fatimah RA.

However, it is natural for humans to desire goodness, especially when it comes to finding a life partner in marriage.

Some individuals find themselves with spouses who challenge their mental and physical resilience, despite having good personalities.

As the head of the family, how does one become the best husband to his wife?

Motivational consultant for women and family Siti Fatahiyah Mahamood said in striving to become the best partners, whether a husband or wife, each individual must correct their intentions when stepping into the realm of marriage.

Motivational consultant for women and family Siti Fatahiyah Mahamood
Motivational consultant for women and family Siti Fatahiyah Mahamood

"The intention for marriage should be to worship Allah and to nurture love sincerely. This is important to ensure that the relationship between the husband and wife is always filled with love without grudges, especially if there have been any past mistakes.

"If there is love accompanied by hidden resentment, it will eventually diminish the aura of affection and mercy within the household," she told Sinar.

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The Universiti Teknologi Mara Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies senior lecturer advised those who had made past mistakes to find the strength to forgive and forget those mistakes.

As long as there were resentment, even if it was hidden, she said, it will erode peace and happiness in the household.

"In the meantime, the partner who committed the mistake must ensure not to repeat it. Do not take advantage of the compromises made by our partner.

"Repent for the mistakes made and perform good deeds and be closer to Allah SWT," she said.

What are the criteria of a good husband according to Islam?

The academician emphasised that a husband should fulfill his responsibilities well, including providing maintenance for the wife according to her needs based on his ability, providing a suitable place to live according to his means and safeguarding the sanctity of his spouse.

"In the meantime, the husband should educate and lead his wife to the right path, pleasing Allah SWT, and safeguarding her health and safety.

"For individuals who have more than one wife, be fair to all wives," she added.

Quoting an article published on the Baitul Muslim website, there are six characteristics of a righteous husband. Here are the details:

1. Obedient in carrying out the commands and instructions of Allah SWT and His messenger.

2. Able to provide for both physical and emotional needs.

3. Willing to provide advice and education to the wife.

4. Gentle in all his actions, emulating the character of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in caring for those around him, including his wives.

5. Honouring the families of both spouses.

6. Forgiving in nature.

Although humans are prone to making mistakes, it was best to learn to forgive. Remember, we are also imperfect beings who make many mistakes.