Mass killing in Gaza: 'Ceasefire now' - Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton's call for peace reverberates across social media

21 Mar 2024 04:48pm
Formula 1 icon Lewis Hamilton calls for cease-fire in Gaza - FILE PHOTO by AFP
Formula 1 icon Lewis Hamilton calls for cease-fire in Gaza - FILE PHOTO by AFP

SHAH ALAM – British racing driver Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, who competes in Formula One, has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, where Israeli attacks since last October have killed 31,000 Palestinians and left more than half of the population in catastrophic food insecurity.

Hamilton’s statements and advocacy for a ceasefire in Israel's mass killing are visible on various platforms, especially on his social media accounts. Hamilton, who is also a seven-time Formula One World Champion who holds numerous records in the sport, posted a story on his official account on Wednesday. He advocated for an immediate ceasefire and the release of hostages in the region, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Sending my love and support to all the people in Palestine who are spending this holy time facing danger, loss, and heartbreak. In a month that is sacred to so many in the region, we must keep calling for a permanent ceasefire and return of hostages so that families can be together and be free from the constant threat of destruction and violence. Ceasefire now,” the Insta story post read.

Hamilton has utilised his Instagram platform to show support for the people affected by the brutal killing, emphasising the significance of ending the violence to safeguard lives and foster peace.

On Instagram, Hamilton has also conveyed his opinions and apprehensions regarding the genocide, addressing the ongoing violence and expressing disappointment in the global response to the situation.

Since October 7, Israel has launched a large-scale offensive on Gaza, leading to the deaths of at least 31,923 Palestinians and injuries to 74,096 others.

According to Gaza's health ministry, the Palestinian death toll from ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza has now reached 31,923, with 74,096 others wounded.

In the past 24 hours alone, the Israeli army has killed 104 Palestinians and wounded 162 more, as reported by the ministry.

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Screenshots showing Lewis Hamilton's Instagram stories calling for a ceasefire in Gaza - Photo credit: @lewishamilton Instagram
Screenshots showing Lewis Hamilton's Instagram stories calling for a ceasefire in Gaza - Photo credit: @lewishamilton Instagram

By leveraging his extensive following and public image, Hamilton aims to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis stemming from the conflict and promote dialogue for a peaceful resolution.

Hamilton's actions have sparked debates within the Formula One community and beyond, with many individuals engaging in the comment section below his posts.

Numerous commentators have expressed gratitude to Hamilton for supporting Palestine, with some, like dana_atoot, thanking him for using his voice to speak out against genocide, commenting "Thank you for using your voice to speak up against genocide."

Others, such as @baginda_riffat, have commended him by saying "He knows the history, respect for you."

Comments from users like @okyfafa182, @ukisykes, and @gigi3004 further illustrate the appreciation for Hamilton's support for Palestine. @okyfafa182 commented, "King Lewis. Thanks for supporting Palestine."

@ukisykes stated, "Real goat! Stand with you and Palestine."

@gigi3004 added, "From Palestine, thank you for speaking up for us, the voiceless, when so many are silent. History will remember you."

@chasingbucketlists expressed increased respect for him after seeing his stories, saying, "You and Seb would be the only drivers I'd expected to speak out about Gaza. My respect for you went up a lot 292 seeing your stories. Lasting peace."

Overall, users like @boka.ily commend Hamilton's strength in addressing the situation in Palestine, stating, "You are strong Lewis to talk about what happened in Palestine."

Hamilton is recognised for his activism, particularly in supporting the fight against racism and promoting inclusivity in motorsport.

Born on January 7, 1985, in Stevenage, England, Hamilton comes from a mixed-race background, with a black Grenadian father and a white British mother.

He initiated his racing journey at a young age, showing exceptional talent in karting before advancing to open-wheel racing and eventually entering Formula One.

Throughout his journey, Hamilton has been a prominent figure both on and off the track, leveraging his platform to address societal issues and drive positive changes within the sport.