Suitcase with over RM500,000: Company director to give statement tomorrow - Police

29 Mar 2024 03:33pm
Selangor Police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan - Photo by Bernama
Selangor Police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan - Photo by Bernama

SHAH ALAM - The director of a company claiming ownership of a suitcase filled with over RM500,000 in cash found in a shopping centre car park in Damansara will give his statement to the police tomorrow.

Selangor Police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan expressed optimism that the individual will keep his promise to provide a statement, having failed to do so previously for various reasons.

"On March 21, we received a complaint from the individual who pledged to come to the station and give a statement after admitting the suitcase belonged to their company.

"We've just been informed that that he will come tomorrow, March 30, with evidence proving ownership," he told a press conference here today.

Hussein emphasised the importance of recording the individual's statement and assessing the evidence before determining who rightfully owns the suitcase.

He added that if necessary, the police would follow standard procedures, such as publishing notices in newspapers to locate the rightful owner or refer the matter to the Attorney General's Chambers to return the money to the government.

Earlier the media reported a security guard found a suitcase with over RM500,000 in cash last Wednesday and on the same day, an IT company director claimed it belonged to their company at Damansara Police Station, but to date the individual has not provided a statement as requested.

In another development, Hussein said the investigation into two foreign men suspected of trying to kidnap a one-year-seven-month-old girl at a supermarket in Klang last Tuesday concluded that it wasn't an abduction attempt.

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He said it was more of a misunderstanding and a quick response from the child's mother to protect her daughter.

"The police, including myself, have reviewed CCTV footage of the incident. The two foreigners didn't try to escape when the mother intervened and the public caught them.

"Further investigation revealed that these men, with valid travel documents, worked nearby and often shopped at the supermarket. There were no signs of a planned abduction, like someone waiting outside.

He said the incident happened as the child, her mother and aunt were on a non-working escalator. The men behind them tried to help the child onto it, but panicked when the mother reacted.

Despite this, the police will complete the investigation and involve the public prosecutor if any legal issues arise. - BERNAMA