Rafizi's 'couldn't care less' attitude on Padu registration gets mixed reactions

"I am tired, it is up to you guys. If you want to register just register, if not it is up to you on how you want to celebrate raya," he said in the video.

01 Apr 2024 01:29pm
Screenshots from Rafizi's video he posted on his Instagram account. - Photo: INSTAGRAM / RAFIZI RAMLI
Screenshots from Rafizi's video he posted on his Instagram account. - Photo: INSTAGRAM / RAFIZI RAMLI

SHAH ALAM - Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli's "couldn't care less attitude" in a video posted on his social media about the last day for the Central Database Hub (Padu) registration receives mixed responses from the public.

In the video which was uploaded on his Instagram account yesterday before the deadline (March 31) of the registration, Rafizi appeared indifferent to whether the people registered with Padu or not.

"I am tired, it is up to you guys. If you want to register just register, if not it is up to you on how you want to celebrate raya," he said in the video.

This sparked various reactions from the public with many expressing concerns over his indifferent demeanor.

Previously, Rafizi have been utilising his official social media platforms to urge the public to register with Padu, emphasising its importance through multiple posts and calls for public awareness.

Padu serves as the government's primary resource for socio-economic planning and the formulation of detailed national policies.

It was reported that as of yesterday, a total of 10.6 million out of 30.08 million citizens have updated their data in the Padu system.

Rafizi stressed the necessity of verifying and updating information to ensure fairness in government data, highlighting that the data in Padu will be utilised to target subsidies for eligible groups in the future.

In the caption of his post, Rafizi thanked those who have registered, updated and gave confirmation on their data in the system.

"There is one more day left, so those who have not registered can quickly do so.

"Starting tomorrow, we can start focusing on raya preparations," he wrote in yesterday's post.

Most of the social media users who commented on the post raised concerns about the system's efficiency, pointing out errors, while many also questioned the minister's attitude shown in the video.

Social media user @ismailaidabinti questioned whether this was how a minister acts and said it was better if Rafizi just resigned.

"Is this the attitude of a minister in a civil government? Better to resign," he said.

Another user, @Irakamil said she tried registering to Padu many times but faced difficulties adding that she also tried calling the hotline but there was no answer.

Instagram user @ievonnlution wrote: "Why can't we log in to double-check information? Some say their information was filled in automatically wrong. Is this how the government manages something? If it is not ready, don't announce it. Duh."

Meanwhile, some of them praised Rafizi for the ministry's effort through Padu encouraginig others to take proactive steps.

Social media user @lyanasweet83 wrote: "After much effort, my husband and I have successfully completed our registration with Padu and completed verification. Kudos to YB (Rafizi) for leading initiatives to aid those encountering difficulties or uncertainties in navigating the Padu registration process. Well done to YB and the team."

Another user, @kak sha5225 commented: "It's a missed opportunity for those yet to register. Instead of solely criticising, let's take proactive steps" while @ewachewa wrote: "Indeed, navigating the Padu system for verification can be challenging. How can some claim their IDs were compromised? I faced several hurdles but finally managed to verify it on 29/3/24. It seems the targets of identity theft are chosen selectively, which doesn't always make sense."

The government opened the Padu registration for a three-month period to allow the people to verify and update their socio-economic data.

Meanwhile, it was reported that former health minister Khairy Jamaluddin encountered registration difficulties for Padu last week. He shared this on his Instagram Story.

The post showed a photo of his computer screen displaying an error message saying "Your account already exists. Log in to update your information or contact the Padu Hotline 1-800-88-7720 for assistance" indicating that someone had used his Identification Card number to sign up for Padu.

"So, finally got around to register for Padu today. I was just about to sign up and failed. I have never registered before," he said in the post.

However, in a subsequent Instagram Story eight hours later, Khairy provided an update, revealing that his registration was finally successful after receiving assistance from Padu.

"Some guy registered by using my IC number. His identity has been doxxed online. Which I’m not sure is a good thing. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

"Right thing to do is to lodge a police report for identify theft, which I will do. Not dox and leak that guy’s info online. That invites more suspicion against Padu. Anyway, now I’ve registered and submitted e-KYC," the post read.

Yesterday, chief statistician Datuk Seri Mohd Uzir Mahidin said individuals who failed to register with Padu will still have their basic data automatically entered into the system.

He highlighted that the data stored in Padu would streamline the Statistics Department's analysis and census activities, along with facilitating the distribution of government assistance.

He also said the Padu data would aid in the formulation of policies tailored to meet the public's needs.

Uzir stressed the importance of dynamic data for analysis purposes, assuring that individuals who do not register with Padu would still have their existing basic data utilised by the department.