"Iftar Ala Madinah will be missed" - Visitors

03 Apr 2024 09:58am

SHAH ALAM - Iftar Ala Madinah @Karangkraf programme 2024, which began on March 13, has only two days remaining before it wraps up this Friday.

A regular attendee Mad Abd Bashar, 68 from Bukit Kuda, Klang, said he and his wife would continue to break their fast at Dataran Karangkraf until the last day.

Affectionately known as Abang Mad, he disclosed that he had not missed a single day participating in this year's Iftar Ala Madinah @Karangkraf programme.

"If you tally it up, my wife and I have been partaking in this iftar for 21 days already. I must admit that this year's iftar arrangement has been highly successful and well-coordinated, which is why many people come every day," he said.

He said iftar programmes like this are suitable for elderly couples who live alone at home.

"It would be wasteful to cook for just the two of us, so attending iftar like this provides enough food and allows us to save," he said.

On the other hand, Kafa teacher Taib Azamuddin Jamari, 27, said his heart was drawn to join the iftar because of the relaxed concept suitable for the whole family.

"I have already break my fasts at Karangkraf thrice and God willing, I will be here again on the last day because the atmosphere will surely be missed by our family," he added.

Data assistant, Nurul Hafizah Abdul Hadi, 26, who has been attending the Iftar Ala Madinah @Karangkraf programme for a week, suggested that the tradition of breaking fast together like this be held every Ramadan.

"There are many benefits to coming here instead of dealing with traffic jams just to break fast at home. It's better to stop by at Karangkraf. After breaking fast, continue the journey home," she said.

Meanwhile, Business Development Engineer, Muhamad Zunnurain Abdul Karim, 29, said his first experience attending the iftar gave him sweet memories because he had never had the opportunity to break fast like this before

"There are indeed many people, and I see that the service from the staff is very helpful in facilitating the iftar journey, especially for those who are coming for the first time," he added.