‘High time to address disunity among Muslims worldwide' – Hussamudin

From conflicts in Palestine to recent disputes among scholars, rulers and the people.

04 Apr 2024 05:32pm
Karangkraf Media Group advisor Datuk Hussamudin Yaacub.
Karangkraf Media Group advisor Datuk Hussamudin Yaacub.

KUALA LUMPUR - The choice of Surah Al-Jumu'ah for the World #QuranHour programme this year reflects a deep concern for the prevailing disunity among Muslims globally, from conflicts in Palestine to recent disputes among scholars, rulers and the people.

Karangkraf Media Group advisor Datuk Hussamudin Yaacub said that the underlying concept of the programme remained consistent annually, with each year featuring a unique theme.

“This year, our focus revolves around Surah Al-Jumu'ah, under the theme 'Ummah #GrandReset: Kesatuan & Transformasi Sosial' (Unity & Social Transformation).

“The rationale behind selecting Surah Al-Jumu'ah and this theme stems from the observation of disunity among Muslims worldwide.

“From the ongoing conflicts in Palestine to recent disputes among scholars, rulers, and the general populace in our country, there is a prevailing sense of chaos,” he said.

The World #QuranHour program is spearheaded by the Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation (WUIF), founded by Hussamuddin.

He also said the programme aimed for everyone to re-engage with the al-Quran and fulfil their respective roles.

“Scholars (ulama) are expected to provide guidance, leveraging their deeper understanding of religion. They should aid leaders (umara) and the community (ummah) in fostering principled, knowledgeable politicians.

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“Meanwhile, leaders are tasked with steering the nation toward prosperity, grounded in moral principles. Simultaneously, the community should enhance their religious knowledge to better manage their families.

“Through the guidance of scholars, we hope to nurture future generations of leaders and scholars beneficial to the nation,” he added.

He stated that the World #QuranHour programme which focused on Surah Al-Jumu'ah, aimed to actualise the vision.

“As Perak Deputy Mufti Datuk Zamri Hashim highlighted, if the sermon delivered during Friday Prayers resonates deeply and imparts knowledge effectively, it can serve as the 'operating system' for all.

“It is essential to recognise that even during the sacred month of Ramadan, internal strife persists. It is imperative to acknowledge this deviation from our faith and take steps to realign ourselves with our religious values,” he stressed.

Hussamudin also said the World #QuranHour programme had identified 6,000 hotspots across the country.

“This event has been an annual endeavour, now in its ninth year and this World #QuranHour 2024, we have chosen to focus on addressing the escalating issues within our own country.

“This year's programme garnered unprecedented attention, for the first time in history, six TV stations namely Astro Oasis, RTM, TV9, TV AlHijrah, Bernama TV and Astro Awani simultaneously broadcasted our programme live,” he said.

Hussamudin added he hoped that the intended message reaches all Malaysians, as failure to address these issues could exacerbate our country.

“While other nations may engage in minor disputes, prioritising business interests, internal conflicts among us, marked by plots, curses and slander, are detrimental.

“It is imperative for us as an ummah to instigate change. Both scholars and leaders must change as well and lead by example.

“To kick start the change, it is imperative that we return to the Quran to read, understand, and internalise its teachings. By integrating the Quranic principles into our hearts, it becomes our guiding 'operating system', distinguishing between right and wrong actions,” he said.