KLIA: Police considers scanning machines, e-scooters, tighter public access for enhanced security

Scooters for KLIA police patrols as part of heightened security measures

15 Apr 2024 02:55pm
Selangor government approves scooter deployment to strengthen KLIA security - Photo by MOHD HALIM ABDUL WAHID
Selangor government approves scooter deployment to strengthen KLIA security - Photo by MOHD HALIM ABDUL WAHID

SEPANG - Enhancing safety and security measures at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is under consideration to strengthen monitoring at the country's primary entry point, according to Selangor Police Chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan.

Speaking at a press conference held at the KLIA district police headquarters here today, Hussein emphasised the importance of implementing scanning machines at the airport for improved control, particularly to detect individuals carrying firecrackers or firearms upon entry.

"This is a necessary step we envision for the future.

"The focus on security measures at both KLIA and KLIA2 is an ongoing discussion aimed at enhancing safety, whether through police initiatives or airport protocols," he said.

Hussein further highlighted the need to restrict public access to the aisle near the entrance, both in arrival and departure areas, citing security risks associated with its proximity to parking areas.

"For safety reasons, it's imperative to limit access to these areas," he said.

According to Hussein, plans are also underway to enhance police mobility at KLIA with the procurement and deployment of e-scooters, a measure approved by the Selangor government.

This initiative aims to facilitate faster response times and enable efficient patrolling of the airport premises.

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"Every incident at the airport demands utmost sensitivity and attention, considering its significance on both national and international fronts," Hussein stressed.

"Recent events, such as the shooting incident at KLIA 1, highlight the importance of stringent security measures," he said.

Two gunshots were fired at KLIA’s arrival hall early yesterday morning when a man attempted to shoot his wife but failed to hit her.

One of the bullets hit a bodyguard, after which the suspect fled the scene.

The police have recorded statements from 11 witnesses, including the bodyguard who was shot.

It was reported that photographs of the suspect have been distributed at entry points in the north of the peninsula as well as to immigration authorities in a neighbouring country.