Elderly care homes see surge in admissions, many forced to wait

Plight of elderly parent highlights growing trend

Siti Noor Faezah Muda
Siti Noor Faezah Muda
16 Apr 2024 09:38am
Al-Ikhlas Elderly Care and Treatment Home, Puchong. (Small picture: Siti Liyana, Mohd Arif Abdullah)
Al-Ikhlas Elderly Care and Treatment Home, Puchong. (Small picture: Siti Liyana, Mohd Arif Abdullah)

SHAH ALAM - The number of parents sent to elderly care homes has significantly risen over the past three years.

Mahligai Kasih Juju Elderly Care Centre manager Siti Liyana Jaafar revealed that last year marked the highest admission rate, witnessing an 82 per cent increase.

"In 2022, we received 55 individuals, but this number surged by 82 per cent in 2023, totalling 102 residents.

"Since January this year, there has been a further 12 per cent increase, with 115 elderly residents admitted so far.

"Our elderly care centre offers professional services for the care and rehabilitation of this group," she said yesterday.

The plight of Pak Yen, a father of five, drew attention after spending Aidilfitri at an elderly care home, feeling abandoned by his children since March last year.

Expressing hope to celebrate the festive season with his grandchildren in Pahang, the 65-year-old's wishes were unfulfilled as he spent Aidilfitri with only 15 peers at the Seri Permai Elderly Care Home in Taman Tas, Kuantan.

Meanwhile, Siti Liyana noted that many are awaiting registration as the centre is the only Islamic-based care facility in the state registered under the Care Centre Act 1993.

She noted that while the number of residents decreases due to deaths, they will reopen admissions.

In a related matter, Al Ikhlas Elderly Care and Treatment Home manager Mohd Arif Abdullah Azman highlighted that the centre is consistently full.

He described the high demand within the local community, resulting in a lengthy waiting list.

"Admission requests continue to rise, but they have to be placed on an increasingly long waiting list.

"Our facility can only accommodate 45 individuals.

"We will open placements as space becomes available due to deaths or residents leaving," he said.