Charging EV Cost RM67,000? Shocking charging bill leaves Malaysian stunned

Some pointed out that it could be a faulty charger or the screenshot could have been edited.

16 Apr 2024 04:43pm
Screenshot shared on the post.
Screenshot shared on the post.

SHAH ALAM - A Malaysian Tesla owner recently disclosed a screenshot of her husband's shocking charging expenses, ringing in at a staggering RM67,540.76.

The user took to social media platforms to share her disbelief at the hefty bill, a consequence of her husband's routine Tesla charging sessions.

In the screenshot, it could be seen that the station charged RM1.50 per kWh and the charging started at 5.36pm on April 6,

The total energy added was stated as 45,027.2 kWh, however it was not shown how long were the charging duration.

For the record, Tesla's charging efficiencies varies from model to model and the end charge of battery should be from 76 kWh to 99 kWh.

The eye-watering sum has reignited discussions around electric vehicle (EV) ownership costs and sustainability in the Southeast Asian nation, but some pointed out that it could be a faulty charger or the screenshot could have been edited.

While the exact duration and frequency of the charging sessions remain undisclosed, netizens were quick to chime in with a mix of shock, humour, and concern.

"Should (be) considering horse and carriage as an alternative," a netizen commented.

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Another user remarked, "With that amount, we can buy a new car.

Amidst the flurry of reactions, one commenter provided a thought-provoking insight into the underlying motivations behind owning an EV in Malaysia.

"It's a fact that most EV owners in Malaysia have them because they know that very soon fuel subsidies will end for them based on their income," the user said.

Tesla's charging fees, often subject to variation depending on location and charging infrastructure, have been a topic of scrutiny and debate globally.

In Malaysia, where EV adoption is gradually gaining traction, the revelation of such exorbitant charging expenses serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of understanding and managing the operational costs of electric vehicles.

Tesla Superchargers in Malaysia are currently priced at RM1.25 per kWh, as of January this year.

Tesla also imposes an idle fee of RM2 per minute if 50 per cent of the stations are occupied or RM4 per minute if all stations are in use.