Woman enters Machines Main Place with dog, defying store policy

Woman upset after being filmed at Machines Main Place for disregarding 'no pet' rule

16 Apr 2024 06:23pm
Shopper's disagreement with "no pets" policy at Machines Main Place goes viral
Shopper's disagreement with "no pets" policy at Machines Main Place goes viral

SHAH ALAM - A familiar adage, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," took an unexpected turn on Saturday at a Machines Main Place store, where a situation involving a dog and a determined customer unfolded, gaining traction on the TikTok platform.

Footage captured by a social media user depicted the customer's insistence on keeping the dog by her side throughout her shopping endeavor.

According to the TikTok user's account, the situation escalated as store staff attempted to inform the customer of the establishment's no-pet policy and suggested that she leave the dog outside.

"The incident unfolded as we were finalising our payment at the counter, and a woman in her thirties entered the store with her dog, intending to purchase cables.

"However, the staff politely informed her of the 'No Pets Allowed' policy within the store premises.

"The woman expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that she had initially been permitted to make the purchase but was later instructed to remove the dog due to the presence of Muslim staff and legal restrictions against pets," said the social media user in a post on TikTok.

Machines Main Place, like many retailers, upholds a strict "no pets" policy primarily for hygiene and safety reasons.

The staff followed protocol by politely explaining the policy and recommending the customer leave the dog outside.

However, the viral video captured the customer's steadfast refusal to part ways with her furry companion while shopping.

As indicated in the user's caption, it is understood that even the woman's husband advised her to take the dog outside and promptly complete the purchase to expedite the process for all parties involved.

However, such counsel was met with resistance, and the woman objected to being recorded, visibly upset by the TikTok user's actions.

Identified by the username @zetyzarina, the user recounted urging the woman to exit the premises if she wished for the recording to be deleted. Eventually, the shopping mall management was summoned to intervene.

According to statements made by the TikTok user, the woman, reportedly not of Malaysian Chinese descent, is believed to be a non-citizen.

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