Illegal possession of firearms needs to be eradicated

The security forces guarding the country's borders need to be more sensitive.

17 Apr 2024 11:06am
Photo for illustrative purposes only - Canva
Photo for illustrative purposes only - Canva

Two cases involving the latest illegal possession of firearms reported recently raises public concern about the level of national security.

On March 27, an Israeli citizen was arrested with six pistols and 200 rounds of ammunition at a hotel in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Then, on Sunday a man fired shots at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) leaving a bodyguard in critical condition.

The matter raises questions about how they can buy or own firearms easily when Malaysian law clearly prohibits their possession without a license and permit.

It is very likely that the weapons were bought from the black market and smuggled in from other countries.

Therefore, the security forces guarding the country's borders need to be more sensitive and increase control so that firearms cannot be smuggled into the country.

The issue of firearms has a major impact on the country in addition to public safety, economic sectors such as investors and tourism are also likely to suffer.

For example, in the latest case, although shots were fired for personal reasons targeting a specific individual, it happened in a public place that posed a risk to others, especially at the entrance of the country.

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It involves a question of confidence in security guarantees, especially information at the fingertips and spread widely throughout the world in a short time.

There are also questions about whether they sell and possess firearms illegally and are not afraid of the law and the punishment they will face.

Although it is said that Malaysia's situation is not as bad as the United States which recorded 25,000 gun-related deaths last year, the lives of innocent individuals should not be at stake.

Perhaps an amendment to the Arms Act 1960 for those who possess or carry weapons without a valid permit should be done by imposing heavier penalties on offenders as a lesson.

In addition, the level of security in public places also needs to be increased at this time to ease some of the public's worries regarding the issue of attacks using firearms that have recently occurred.