Dusty pink is not always flattering on Asian skin tones, here's why

06 May 2024 01:05pm

Dusty pink may not be flattering on everyone, especially on many Asian skintones, due to its dusty undertones.

A well-known make-up artist, Nabilah Nordin, who is more fondly known as Warnabilla emphasised that dusty became popular because of the Caucasian influences that wore those colours down. Subsequently, Malaysian people began embracing these colours as well.

She added Caucasians typically have lighter brows, hair, and eyes, making them sometimes more suited to dusty colours. In contrast, many Asians have stronger features due to darker irises, fuller brows, and natural hair colours.

“It's something me and my partner Hana always talk about, the colour analysis, you will be surprised that the colour, dusty pink is a colour that is universal.

“So why is dusty colours making us look dull in the context of Asians who happen to have a higher contrast in their complexion.

“It's the grey quality in the dusty pink, the grey colour is what's bringing out the greyness in our skin, that's why it our complexion look a bit more dull,” she told Sinar Daily during online interview recently.

She added dusty pink makeup is a popular choice among many Asian individuals, but what they may not realise is that it can sometimes make them appear more tired and less suitable.

With years of experience in the colour analysis industry, Nabilah said not everyone looks good in dusty pink. She recommended that instead of choosing dusty pink, people should consider shades like baby pink or powder pink, which tend to look better on many individuals.

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For those with cool undertones, Nabilah suggested that baby pink or powder pink would be more suitable for their makeup look. On the other hand, individuals with warm undertones should opt for pink shades that are peachier or salmon pink, but they should be very pastel and not too dusty.

She stressed that if dusty pink looks good on someone, they should definitely go for it. However, this tip is specifically for those who find that dusty pink makes their faces look dull.

She emphasised the importance of applying makeup that matches one's undertone during the makeup process. This ensures that the makeup appears harmonious, blends seamlessly into the skin, and gives a natural and effortless look.

“When you do makeup according to your undertones, it's the secret to looking your best with minimal effort. It makes the job easier, and it also makes you look effortlessly good.

"Makeup that's not in alignment with one's undertone may not look as fresh or rosy, even if applied heavily with warm undertones on a cool undertone base.

"Choosing makeup that matches your undertone ensures a harmonious and natural appearance, enhancing your overall look,” she added.

She further enhanced, when she chooses for pink tones and focuses on blush rather than bronzer, her complexion appears rosier. By choosing makeup colours that complement her, she needs less product for a more beautiful look.

Nabilah emphasised that using makeup colours that contradict undertones can sometimes accentuate facial discoloration, resulting in an aged appearance that many want to avoid.

This occurs when the chosen colours are not harmonious with one's complexion, highlighting the importance of selecting suitable shades for a flattering look.

Nabilah Nordin, also known as Warnabilla, is a full-time makeup artist and colour analysis expert making her mark in the Malaysian makeup artistry industry for 11 years.

At 34 years old, Nabilah has been practicing makeup for 11 years, with the last nine years dedicated to full-time work, starting in 2015. Despite holding a degree in architecture from UiTM Shah Alam and a master's degree from the University of Brighton, UK, her passion for makeup has led her to the beauty industry.

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