Status and fear of lawsuits keep celebrities tied to brands that support Israel, says Ceddy

14 May 2024 05:21pm
Status and fear of breaching a contract due to a possible lawsuit or having to pay up are among the reasons celebrities refuse to pull away from Israeli associated brands, says influencer Ceddy Ang.

"In this industry, if you get an endorsement deal from certain brands, it'll put you as one of those elites, and you will be the it-girl/boy," he said, highlighting the reason behind the need for a celebrity to accept a certain brand.

"Back then, I used to feel so sad because I knew these brands wouldn't look for me; I'm old and not that handsome to be the it-boy, How delusional.

But now, when I think about it, I take it back. I am comfortable with the path I am on right now," the influencer, famous for food content since 2020, further said, being grateful that not associating himself with the big brands has taken a good toll so that he does not have to face an influx of angry netizens, particularly over the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Ceddy, who goes by the username @ceddyornot on his social media platforms such as X and Instagram, also said that it is important to note that celebrities will have to pay up or be sued if they breach the contract that they have with the Israeli brands that they have been associated with, probably even before the Israel-Palestine conflict impacted consumerism through critical boycotts.

Upon mentioning that he was worried his source of income would be limited due to rejecting brands that are associated with Israel, he then clarified that he received offers from brands considered the boycotted brands' competitors.

He also ensured that he would always speak up about the genocide ongoing in Palestine as well as celebrities who are not against Israel and are publicly pro-Zionist.

"I have been consistent about my stance; every other day I will drag any pro-Zionists," he said in his tweet on X today, in tandem with defending himself against the #blockout2024 online campaign, where some people have targeted him to be on the block list.

"If you still want to put me on the list, go ahead; I have no reason to deal with lazy bums (who lack research)," he said.

The #blockout2024 campaign has so far affected celebrities such as Mira Filzah, Neelofa, Nurul Jannah Muner (Janna Nick), and many more, consolidating international online boycotts over celebrities who have been silent about the genocide in Palestine or are associated with brands that support Israel.

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