Young leaders shine at Sidang Anak Muda K2K, debated motions to be proposed to govt for Budget 2025

Think City’s K2K programme amplifies PPR youth's voices in the Sidang Anak Muda K2K through parliamentary-style sessions.

16 May 2024 10:56am
Members of the Sidang Anak Muda K2K. - Photo: THINK CITY
Members of the Sidang Anak Muda K2K. - Photo: THINK CITY

SHAH ALAM - In an effort to empower potential young leaders among the public housing (PPR) community, Persatuan Belia Seri Cempaka under the Kita-Untuk-Kita (K2K) programme by Think City, organised the inaugural Sidang Anak Muda K2K.

The programme which was held on May 11, at Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia, Cyberjaya aimed at training and producing quality young leaders in line with the needs of the country and offered a platform for them to empower communities.

Through a two-day session, participants get to develop their skills to debate, discuss and solve problems in an atmosphere akin to Parliamentary seatings.

During the programme, eight out of 20 motions proposed by the participants were chosen to be raised in the Sidang Anak Muda K2K.

Members of the Sidang Anak Muda K2K. - Photo: THINK CITY
Members of the Sidang Anak Muda K2K. - Photo: THINK CITY

These issues included education dropout, sexual harassment, one-stop counseling centre, initiatives to empower the youth economy, strengthen the mental health literacy of the PPR community, construction of modern and comprehensive PPR plan and the creation of a financial management mechanism to avoid bankruptcy among PPR youths at a young age.

All these motions that were debated would be collated and proposed to the government to be considered by the relevant ministries and for Budget 2025.

The debate not only strengthened their leadership, problem solving and public speaking skills, but also stimulated the active involvement and self-confidence of young people.

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Opportunities such as the Sidang Anak Muda K2K also fostered a space where youths could discuss and share their opinions and concerns.

It allowed their voices to be heard.

K2K director Dr Shahridan Faiez said the young generation from the public housing society would be the catalyst for transformation of public housing society.

K2K director Dr Shahridan Faiez - Photo: THINK CITY
K2K director Dr Shahridan Faiez - Photo: THINK CITY

He said investing in youth development was an investment for a brighter future.

"By giving our youths the opportunity to highlight their skills, confidence and become active participants in leadership, we empower them to go through positive change and create a brighter future, not only for themselves but also for the community and the country," he said.

The Sidang Anak Muda K2K featured youths from 10 public housing communities; PASeri Selangor, PA Seri Sarawak, PA Hang Tuah, PPR Seri Cempaka, PA Seri Kota, PPR Taman Mulia, PA Seri Sabah 3A, PPR Desa Tun Razak, PPR Kampung Baru HICOM and PPR Lembah Subang 1 under the K2K programme.

The programme, supported by the Finance Ministry through the National Budget, aimed to improve the quality of life and livability in PPR.

It also focused on empowering PPR residents, especially youths.

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