Clinz redefines beauty standards with its exclusive clean beauty skincare line

Clinz offers a range of well-formulated products that prioritise sustainability and skin wellbeing.

10 May 2024 03:16pm
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Clinelle, a well-known Malaysian beauty brand, has launched a new line called Clinz which focuses on clean beauty, setting exciting news for beauty lovers in Malaysia.

Committed to redefining clean beauty standards and promoting skin health, Clinz offers a range of well-formulated products that prioritise sustainability and skin wellbeing.

EIG Pharma Asia, senior general manager, Corina Lee said Clinz's dedication to clean beauty standards goes beyond product formulation.

"Inspired by the everchanging environment and a dedication to transparency, Clinz has curated a series of clean beauty essentials that guide consumers to make the right choice of products for their skin,"

"Formulated with only natural and organic sources, Clinz is free from any harmful ingredients while advocating cruelty free formulations, ensuring a gentle yet effective approach to skincare,” she said.

In addition to offering vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formulations, the brand places a strong emphasis on ethical sourcing practices, choosing for packaging materials that are recyclable and FSC approved. This dedication to minimising environmental footprints extends to their commitment to eco-friendly packaging.

Clinz offers two series of products, with the Clinz Hydration series designed to repair dry and dehydrated skin through triple action hydration. Formulated with H2O-Max Complex, these products provide long-lasting hydration for up to 6 days, unlocking healthy and hydrated skin.

Clinz Moisture Boost Serum has been proven to effectively increase moisture levels by up to 500 per cent. The powerful serum works by restoring the skin's natural barrier and locking in moisture, leading to visible improvements.

With all the screen time nowadays, skin is constantly exposed to blue light. To combat this, the Clinz Essential series is designed to protect human skin's health and create a natural shield against environmental damage.

Clinz UltraDefense Cream is meticulously crafted with DfenseMax Complex, containing anti-blue light and infrared properties. It shields the skin from harmful radiation that accelerates skin aging, aiming to protect and strengthen the skin barrier for healthy and radiant skin.

During the launch event, Clinz’s special guest Climate Action & Sustainability Advocate Melissa Tan stressed the importance of turning awareness into action in a world driven by overconsumption, disposables, single-use plastic, and fast fashion.

“It is to simplify, to redesign the way we live and work, slowly but surely, so sustainable practices are your default mode,” she said.

Clinz also invited Found of Precious Plastic Malaysia, Mr Yoong Yi to educate attendees about the different types of plastics, their recyclability levels, and the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans. He demonstrated how recyclable materials could be upcycled into everyday items like coasters, tables, and chairs.

“Clinz packaging are made of recyclable materials such as FSC, PCR and PET to which we’ve upcycled its caps to a coaster for everyone,” Mr Yoong Yi added.

In alignment with the company’s commitment to effective and safe products, Clinz products are 100 percent free from harmful ingredients and dermatologically tested for healthy, radiant skin.

The launch of Clinz represents a significant milestone for EIG Pharma Asia, ushering in a new era of conscious consumerism and empowering individuals to embrace skincare that prioritises their well-being and the planet.

Clinz formulas are developed in France, known for its expertise in skincare. Each formula is dermatologically tested to ensure its gentle and effective for all skin types.

Clinz focuses on clean beauty, so their products are free of 7 potentially irritating ingredients in which artificial colours, fragrances, lanolin, mineral oil, drying alcohol (SD alcohol), ingredients that can clog pores (comedogenic), and parabens.