Cleaning industry: It’s hard work with low pay – Job seekers

The wages offered are low compared to the difficult and 'dirty' scope of work.

22 May 2024 08:30am

SHAH ALAM - Young people are not interested in entering the cleaning industry, especially in schools or shopping centres, because it is considered a low-status job by society.

A survey by Sinar found that most graduates or job seekers agreed that the wages offered were low compared to the difficult and 'dirty' scope of work.

Nurul Hidayah Anuar, 25, said based on her experience, it was difficult to receive a stable salary in this field because some cleaning agencies pay workers based on daily tasks.

Besides receiving low wages, the job was also looked down upon by society because it was considered a job for those without education.

"This is because of the public mentality, especially with the influence of social media nowadays, that jobs with high salaries are the hallmark of someone with higher education.

"However, those who work for low wages are seen as uneducated or lacking high skills," she said.

However, Hidayah said that she would be willing to work in this field if the public had a positive mentality toward those who clean specific locations.

She added that people should not view this field as a low-status job because it was essential for ensuring cleanliness or safety in an area.

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Meanwhile, Muhammad Hafiz Zainal, 26, said that jobs in this field were often considered difficult because the wages received were not commensurate with the tasks performed.

He added that such jobs did not have fixed working hours, making it challenging to spend time with family or friends.

"As far as I know, there are some workplaces with irregular hours, such as having to work half-days on Sundays.

"For some people, that day is suitable for resting or spending time with family," he said.

Nur Umairah Syahirah Ariffin, 24, did not consider working as a cleaner during her job search after graduation.

She believes that with her degree, she should be able to get a better job at the right time.

"Even though it takes a long time to work in my field of study, I am willing to wait.

"This is because I do not want to waste what I learned in university," she said.