Music legend M. Nasir vows never to retire, continues to adapt for younger fans

M. Nasir celebrates 45 years in music with mega concert

26 May 2024 11:02am
M. Nasir described the challenges he has faced over the years as "enjoyable”, adding, "Life is like a roller coaster. - Photo credit: M.Nasir/FB
M. Nasir described the challenges he has faced over the years as "enjoyable”, adding, "Life is like a roller coaster. - Photo credit: M.Nasir/FB

KUALA LUMPUR - Legendary singer and musician Datuk M. Nasir is celebrating the 45th anniversary of his involvement in the music industry with a mega concert at Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil here on Aug 10.

His ‘Dato' M.N45ir Cipta’ concert will see the 66-year-old entertainer performing not only his own hit songs but also those he composed for other artistes across various genres.

"I will be singing over 40 songs, including those I composed for other singers... people might not even know those songs were written by me, among them being ‘Padang Lalang’ (sung by Hattan), ‘Rintik Hujan di Kelopak Mawar’ (Dayangku Intan) and ‘Kabut Serangkai Mawar’ (Zaiton Sameon).

"And, if there are requests (from fans) for me to sing various (other) songs, I will try to meet their requests in my own way,” he told a press conference recently.

The concert, organised by Icon Entertainment, will also feature a special segment for M. Nasir to show his support and solidarity for the people of Palestine who are suffering in Gaza due to the cruelty of the Zionist regime.

"A concert is a concert. If I can entertain people (fans) and if they can return home after enjoying themselves and feeling fulfilled, and perhaps get to learn something from my songs, that would make me happy,” M. Nasir said.

The singer, whose real name is Mohamed Nasir Mohamed, also said the word retirement is not in his vocabulary even though he has been in the entertainment industry for over four decades.

This Singapore-born artiste said the industry has given him a unique sense of satisfaction, adding that he will continue to create songs as long as he can.

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"I love this field (singing/songwriting). We create songs from nothing, then they take shape and people like them. It’s a joy that other people can’t experience.

"So, as long as I can feel that joy, it’s hard for me to stop... therefore, as long as I can create, I will keep creating because it’s part of my work and I feel it will be hard for me to live if I were to retire. That’s worrying,” he said.

However, M. Nasir, who was named Songwriter with the Highest Earnings by Music Authors' Copyright Protection (MACP) during the 2023 MACP Awards event in December last year, acknowledged the need to adapt to the changing times.

"...So these days, whenever I enter competitions, I'm the oldest among the participants... because those competing are still young. But the music I create is for the younger generation. Therefore, I need to find ways to adapt,” he said.

M. Nasir described the challenges he has faced over the years as "enjoyable”, adding, "Life is like a roller coaster. Although it has its ups and downs, these 45 years have been very beautiful. I am grateful for the constant support from those who have always been by my side.”

Meanwhile, Icon Entertainment managing director Iman Tang said the ‘Dato' M.N45ir Cipta’ concert symbolises the artistic persona of M. Nasir throughout his 45 years of involvement in the field of music.

"It is the stage that will showcase his creativity and various high-quality compositions not only in terms of his songs but also his acting and paintings. His works have touched the lives of hundreds of musicians and singers,” he said.

Tickets to the concert, priced between RM228 and RM588, will be available at starting at 11am on May 27. - BERNAMA

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