Sungai Bakap assemblyman dies

He breathed his last at 1.38pm today.

24 May 2024 03:12pm
Nor Zamri
Nor Zamri

BUKIT MERTAJAM - Sungai Bakap assemblyman Nor Zamri Latiff died at Seberang Jaya Hospital (HSJ) here at 1.38pm, Penang Pas commissioner Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff.

"The deceased's family told me that his oxygen level was low and I stopped by the hospital before Friday Prayer. After that, I was informed by his family that the deceased breathed his last at 1.38 this afternoon," he said when contacted by Bernama today.

Zamri, 54 of Pas was treated at HSJ's Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for an inflammation in the stomach since the beginning of this month.

Zambri who was also Nibong Tebal Pas president contested in the state election in last August against Pakatan Harapan candidate Nurhidayah Che Rose and won with a majority of 1,563 votes after securing 15,433 votes.

Meanwhile, Fauzi said the body will be bathed and shrouded at the Seberang Jaya Hospital before being taken to the Sungai Acheh Mosque near here to be prayed and buried at 6pm this evening.

The deceased left behind his wife Musalmah Yusop and six children.

Zamri, better known as YB Abang Zam, who was reported to have diabetes and high blood pressure, complained of stomach pain before being sent to hospital on May 1.

Before joining PAS in 1999, Nor Zamri worked in the Quality Control (QC) department of a factory in Perai and the deceased started a business of making pita bread 10 years ago. - BERNAMA