Modern dating: Prioritising Islamic principles in relationship practices

25 May 2024 07:00am
Preacher Don Daniyal Don Biyajid or better known as "Ustaz Don"
Preacher Don Daniyal Don Biyajid or better known as "Ustaz Don"

SHAH ALAM - Speed dating is a system which is vulnerable to practices that do not comply to the Islamic laws.

The easiest way to determine if speed dating or any other dating practices were permissible was to ensure that they aligned with the Islamic principles.

Preacher Don Daniyal Don Biyajid or better known as "Ustaz Don" said if the speed dating process involved actions which were forbidden (haram) in Islam such as holdings hands or showing the parts of the body that should be covered (awrah), then it is wrong.

"If it is merely just hanging out, then what is the difference with hanging out at the supermarket or at the office?," he said.

When it comes to finding a soulmate or life partner in a speed dating process, he said people needed to make sure that it reached the objective but in a way that was allowed by Islam.

"It is understood that finding partners is something difficult to do.

"Don't assume the community is uniform in its religious practices, as not everyone attends single-gender schools to adhere to the Islamic law of separating girls and boys.

"There are many who have been interacting with the opposite gender since primary school," he said highlighting reality of today's society and reminding people not to judge others based on preconceived expectations.

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He said not that ikhtilat (boundaries between men and women) should be ignored but the reality was that men and women were bound to a social setting wherever they go.

"In some cultures, such as those in the West, they kiss each other's cheeks upon greeting. That is not our culture (as Muslims)," he said.

Don acknowledged that speed dating was a method some people used to find a partner, but emphasised that it was only permissible if it adhered to Islamic standards for dating.

He said in any action one undertook, the rules of Islam must take precedence.

"It is still important not to go overboard by thinking that they're the most Islamic.

"The way to go is to arrange the methods one by one while analysing their permissibility, such as if you were to meet your potential spouse and begin with holding hands, then that is wrong.

"Secondly, if the venue isolates the couple in a secluded area, then it would not be permissible.

"The key is to put Islam as guidance in the daily life. At the end of the day, the end goal is to have a (halal) partner," he added.