Khairul Aming and Sofyank's video on Gaza genocide captures global attention

Over 30 million views for video exploring Palestine's struggles since 1917.

24 May 2024 07:57pm
Sofyank (left) and Khairul Aming (right) have collaborated to create an impactful video that sheds light on the history and current state of Palestine.
Sofyank (left) and Khairul Aming (right) have collaborated to create an impactful video that sheds light on the history and current state of Palestine.

SHAH ALAM - In a groundbreaking effort to highlight the ongoing genocide in Gaza, Malaysian influencers Khairul Aming and Sofyank have released a compelling video that has quickly captivated a global audience.

Combining their significant social media influence, the duo crafted an eight-minute video that explores the complex history and current predicament of Palestine, starting from its occupation in 1917 up to the present struggles.

The video has struck a chord, amassing over 30 million views and a million likes since its release.

Khairul Aming narrated the poignant history, while Sofyank enhanced the narrative with advanced Visual Effects (VFX) to create detailed 3D infographics, making the intricate political and historical context more accessible to viewers worldwide.

The video outlined the disparities in the ongoing mass-killing, emphasising that it is not a war due to the vast imbalances between the opposing sides.

The narrative has sparked a flood of emotional reactions and supportive comments online.

Influencer Diyana Halik praised the educational quality of the video, suggesting it could be utilised in educational settings and translated into multiple languages.

"Masya Allah, this is very educational. Alhamdulilah good video. Can be used in schools and translated to other languages too," she said,

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Netizen Husna Hisan commented on the video's effectiveness in educating younger generations about the severity of the situation, describing the crisis in Gaza as genocide rather than war.

Another viewer, Saffuan, lauded the influencers' role in using their platforms for meaningful impact.

"Now this is the real influencer, good job guys," he said.

This collaboration highlighted the influential power of social media in raising awareness and fostering informed discussions about critical global issues.

Presently, over 77 per cent of Palestinian territory remains under Israeli control.

The crisis escalated in October 2023, leading to repeated forced relocations of Palestinians within Gaza, which have only exacerbated the humanitarian crisis.

The video detailed these relocations from northern Gaza to various overcrowded regions, with Rafah now accommodating 1.5 million Gazans, a stark increase from its original capacity.

The devastating toll includes 35,173 Palestinians martyred, with 14,500 children among them, and thousands more injured or missing.

Infrastructure in Gaza has been severely impacted, with significant destruction reported across homes, schools, medical centers, and essential water facilities.

As international calls for a ceasefire grow, the video highlighted ongoing Israeli assaults that force Gazans into untenable living conditions, further complicating efforts to deliver crucial aid.

The dire situation in Gaza, compounded by blocked aid routes, leaves many in desperate need of basic necessities.