PKR shifts leadership strategy to grassroots-centric approach - Altimet

Altimet also stresses dual approach in PKR's youth engagement strategy

29 May 2024 04:23pm
Altimet - File photo
Altimet - File photo

SHAH ALAM - State leadership posts are now held by leaders who are closer to the people, as the party prepares to make a serious push and gain more ground in the non-PKR held states.

PKR Lembah Jaya assemblyman Syed Ahmad Syed Abdul Rahman Alhadad, better known as Altimet, described the changes in leadership in several states as a "change of gear" for the party.

"The changes in leadership in seven states represent a shift in strategy.

"Previously, all state leadership posts were held by our deputy president or vice president.

"Now, they are held by leaders who are closer to the grassroots in their respective states, individuals who are there consistently and understand the on-the-ground realities," he told Sinar Daily recently.

He further said that PKR is making a serious effort to gain more support in non-PKR held states.

On May 26, PKR reshuffled its state leadership in seven states, appointing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's political secretary Datuk Azman Abidin as the Federal Territories PKR chief.

The deputy chairman position will now be held by Kepong division chief Jayakumar Muniandy.

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However, party deputy president Rafizi Ramli was removed from his positions in Federal Territories and Johor, while party vice-president Nik Nazmi Ahmad was relieved of his duties in Kelantan and Terengganu.

When asked about his thoughts on Rafizi's removal from his positions in Federal Territories and Johor, Altimet stated that the decision falls solely under the president of the party's prerogative.

"Removing Rafizi from the post is the president's prerogative.

"One can argue for and against, but for me, it's the president's prerogative.

"I haven't had the chance to talk to him (Anwar) and ask him why, so I believe he had his reasons, and again, it's the president's prerogative to make changes because he chairs each state leadership," he said.

Amid these leadership changes, Altimet stressed that PKR needs to adopt a combination of general and custom approaches to address youth concerns at the national, global, state, and district levels.

He believes that a dual approach is crucial for winning back this demographic.

"I believe it has to be a combination of a general approach and a localized approach.

"We have people in politics and media who often claim that there is no voter block, and no demographic is monolithic.

"However, some of their approaches, discussions, or discourses tend to treat this demographic as monolithic.

"For instance, when discussing youth, there are various concerns at the national, global, state, and district levels.

"Therefore, we need to blend a general approach with a custom approach," he added.