Launchpad for success: Seven Malaysian startups join Cyberview's Accelerator programme

To date, CLLA has nurtured 98 startups, raising over RM255 million in investments, generating over RM792 million in revenue and creating 1,450 jobs.

30 May 2024 07:59pm
The Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator's (CLLA) 18th Cohort concluded with its Demo Day on May 15, marking the end of another successful cycle.
The Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator's (CLLA) 18th Cohort concluded with its Demo Day on May 15, marking the end of another successful cycle.

SHAH ALAM - The Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator's (CLLA) 18th Cohort concluded with its Demo Day on May 15, marking the end of another successful cycle.

CLLA, renowned for nurturing promising startups, serves as a launchpad for innovative solutions across various sectors, including Smart Living & Green Technology, Digital & Data Solutions, Industrial IoT Solutions, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics.

The programme is well-known for providing comprehensive support to entrepreneurs, including access to human capital, funding opportunities, mentorship, infrastructure, and market access.

To date, CLLA has nurtured 98 startups, raising over RM255 million in investments, generating over RM792 million in revenue and creating 1,450 jobs.

Now, let's take a closer look at the seven Malaysian startups that made waves in the 18th cohort:

BÜAL Studio

Founded by Hakim Azmi and Farehan Maidin, BÜAL Studio specialises in transforming intricate data into captivating visual narratives through motion design.

With a wealth of experience in the field, Hakim and Farehan bring their expertise to BÜAL Studio, collaborating with diverse clients to effectively communicate data through visually appealing and easily understandable motion design.

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The studio offers a comprehensive range of services, including data visualisation and storytelling, aimed at helping businesses enhance their narrative through engaging visual content. Their goal is to transcend mere information visualisation, crafting narratives that resonate with audiences on a deeper level, making the content both compelling and memorable.

Renowned for their ability to translate complex data into captivating motion design, BÜAL Studio is committed to delivering innovative solutions that captivate and inspire.

Their unique approach to motion design sets them apart, ensuring their clients' stories are brought to life with creativity and emotion.

Briq Bloq

Briq Bloq is transforming the commercial real estate sector by streamlining operations, fostering transparency, and empowering stakeholders.

Led by Ming Yaw, a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in multinational firms, the startup addresses challenges faced by brokers and property owners.

Briq Bloq provides cutting-edge leasing and asset management CRM solutions tailored to landlords, agencies, and tenants, facilitating seamless communication and driving efficiency within the industry. is an innovative platform democratising Islamic religious studies by allowing students to determine their own fees based on their financial capacity.

This self-set fee feature enhances accessibility and affordability, making religious education more inclusive.

The platform provides anytime, anywhere access to high-quality religious teachers, ensuring top-notch education regardless of location.

Since its inception, has generated RM12.7 million in revenue, focusing on Quranic studies, spiritual growth, and charitable giving.


MInDnRobotics, short for Mechatronic Intelligent Design, specialises in process optimisation through automation and digitisation.

The company offers services including prototyping development, PCB design and fabrication, software and firmware development, custom IoT solutions and the development of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

MInD is dedicated to delivering high-value technology solutions, driving success for their clients.

Nexoprima (mCare)

Nexoprima, founded in 2015 as a technology company, initially offered managed IT and high availability services. However, since 2017, their focus shifted to the healthcare industry, where they specialise in providing medical device data integration solutions.

Their flagship product, mCare, is a maternity care system designed to minimize patient risk during labour. It functions as a labour room information system, empowering clinicians to monitor expectant mothers and newborns throughout the delivery process.

mCare integrates data from various medical devices, providing clinicians with real-time information to make informed decisions.

Nexoprima's innovative solutions have garnered recognition in the healthcare industry.

The mCare system has been featured in prominent conferences and exhibitions, highlighting its potential to enhance patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

Nexoprima has generated RM12.7 million in revenue over the past three years and has been recognised for its innovative solutions in the healthcare industry.


SmartPeep is a healthtech company specialising in AI solutions for healthcare institutions and technology partners.

With offices in Malaysia and Singapore, it offers in-room and common area monitoring modules for hospitals, aged-care facilities and retirement villages.

Their innovative solutions streamline nursing operations, enhancing patient care through extended line-of-sight monitoring.

By providing early alerts, SmartPeep enables nurses to offer timely assistance, thereby elevating the standard of care.

Having successfully implemented safety monitoring products in over 20 healthcare and aged-care facilities, SmartPeep has expanded its presence to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.


Solvnex empowers individuals to participate in the gig economy with its customised gig hiring platform, providing gig professionals with seamless access to corporate opportunities.

With a focus on efficiency, Solvnex aims to reduce matching time for gig workers while offering transparent processes for businesses and corporations embracing the gig workforce model.

Recognising the importance of talent development, Solvnex also offers upskilling opportunities to gig workers, allowing them to enhance their skill sets and expand their portfolio.

The primary goal is to bridge the gap between gig professionals and large corporate entities nationwide, fostering a more inclusive and accessible job market.

To ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, Solvnex tailors its platform to meet the governance requirements of companies, thereby facilitating smooth and lawful interactions between gig workers and corporate clients.

With the support and guidance received from CLLA, these startups are ready to make significant strides in their respective industries, leveraging the expertise and resources provided to them.