Woman seeks netizen’s opinion after dragged by bus

Woman injured after bus drives off with leg stuck in luggage compartment

05 Jun 2024 02:54pm
Screenshots of the post shared on social media platform X from Shafiyyah's profile on Tuesday. - Photo credit: @shafiyyah_nurul/X
Screenshots of the post shared on social media platform X from Shafiyyah's profile on Tuesday. - Photo credit: @shafiyyah_nurul/X

SHAH ALAM - A woman has reached out to the public, seeking netizens' opinions following a harrowing incident involving the negligence of a bus driver.

Shafiyyah, who shared her story on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), recounted attempting to retrieve her bag from the bus's luggage compartment at the final stop in Shah Alam at 9.30pm.

She noted that the bus initially stopped at Terminal 17 before heading to Klang that night.

In her post, she vividly described the distressing moment when the luggage compartment door abruptly shut, and the bus continued to move, dragging her leg along the road.

"When the door shut abruptly, leaving half of my body trapped inside while my leg remained outside, it was a terrifying experience.

"Just imagine how I suffered down there, my calf caught in the door, my toes scraping against the road.

"So, my question is, can I claim insurance or anything?" she asked in a subsequent post.

Shafiyyah stated difficulty sleeping due to the trauma and questioned the potential consequences had the driver continued to Klang without noticing.

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She mentioned receiving some medical attention at a clinic but did not elaborate on the extent of her injuries.

Netizens Offer Support and Advice:

When asked by netizens how long she was trapped in the bus's luggage compartment, Shafiyyah stated that she was unsure of the duration, but she managed to call her parents for help.

She estimated that perhaps around five minutes later, the driver eventually became aware and halted the bus to facilitate her exit.

She also faced reprimand from the bus driver for not informing him about her bag.

Nonetheless, Shafiyyah said that she was too overwhelmed to reply and could only cry.

Subsequently, the bus driver escorted her to a clinic for additional medical attention.

The online community has rallied behind Shafiyyah after she shared her traumatic experience, triggering a wave of responses, with netizens offering advice, support, and suggestions for seeking recourse.

X user, @zafranmustafa advised Shafiyyah to utilise her takaful plan, “For accidents, you can claim with the takaful plan you've taken, if you have the accident chronology, police report (if necessary), accident report from the attending doctor, and clinic receipt.”

@Sir_Egsy suggested Shafiyyah claim compensation under her travel insurance, highlighting that tickets are often insured, and urged her to file a civil suit against the bus company.

@ashikinnazron commented, “Follow the insurance you've taken. If you have taken an accident plan, it covers even small accidents like this. You can claim without any issues. Check what your plan covers.”

@fharehaaziz offered personal assistance, saying, “Babe, you can claim insurance from the bus! DM me, I'll explain how.”

@afiqahnasuhaaa commented, “Oh, that sounds painful. Maybe you can sue because there's already a police report, right?”