Accreditation to avoid fraud in religious knowledge

Religious speakers need to get accreditation from authorities such as the state Islamic religious department to avoid fraud in imparting knowledge, especially involving faith and worship.

Suzana Hassan
15 Oct 2021 11:18am

SHAH ALAM - Religious speakers need to get accreditation from authorities such as the state Islamic religious department to avoid fraud in imparting knowledge, especially involving faith and worship.

Head of the Department of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya, Prof Dr Ishak Suliaman said, in this age of information technology, many claim to be ustaz or called ustaz jadian who appear on social media.

"Most of us like to refer to Google and YouTube to get information quickly. Do we do a review or enlightenment before receiving such information? “Netizens need to change their attitude of hope in receiving knowledge and information on social media, especially related to religion and worship that is our daily routine. When in doubt, we need to ask an expert. ” He said this after finishing the recording of the Al-Quran Discourse program entitled "Hadith is just conjecture: Is it true?" at Studio F, Kumpulan Media Karangkraf Sdn Bhd, on 13 October.

The Al-Quran Discourse organized by Yayasan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas (WUIF) in collaboration with Sinar Harian is a platform to resolve various issues with experts and scientists in their respective fields based on the Al-Quran and Hadith.

Asked about the issue of hadith being just a conjecture that has been circulated on social media before, Ishak said, inaccurate information can undermine the understanding of the community, especially those who do not learn about the science of hadith and the history of the companions of the Prophet SAW.

“People who cheat or scammer not only happen to the rich, but knowledge and information fraud. This is what worries us. Therefore, we and our families should not be too obsessed with certain individuals.

“There are also people with money who use ustaz for personal gain. An issue arises when asked "what did your ustaz say?" As a result, the knowledge that is lacking causes the community to be confused and because it does not follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to obtain knowledge. ” He praised the efforts of those who published the translation of the Quran along with the hadith and every printer of religious materials has a certified panelist. It is important for the strengthening of religious understanding.

“The initiative needs to be expanded and researched so that the Quran can be translated correctly. In Malaysia, there is Lajnah Tahqiq Hadith, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Mufti's Office at the State Islamic Religious Council as a reference point, ”he said.

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Meanwhile, Al-Quran Discourse panelist, Associate Prof Dr Ahmad Sanusi Azmi said, Hadith knowledge is one of the main pillars in the development of understanding and Islamic Shariah.

“Syariah and legislation in Islam are not only developed based on guidance from the revelation of the Quran, but through the hadiths of the Prophet as well. Rasulullah gave an explanation on the meaning of the Qur'an as well as guidance on the true understanding of the Qur'an. " He is the Host and Researcher of My #HadithTime, among the importance of hadith knowledge in the Quran. When the Qur'an was revealed, some of the companions were not clear about the meaning of a verse, then the Prophet appeared to explain the meaning of the verse through his hadith.

“Hadith knowledge is one of the most important elements in Islamic law. Many matters involving the law of hakam are not mentioned in detail in the Qur’an, but hadiths come to provide an explanation.

“For example, the method of performing prayers. GOD's instructions in the Qur'an command us to perform prayers, but it is not stated how the method of prostration and so on, Then this matter is explained in the hadith of the Prophet.

“Hadith knowledge educates the community to filter the information that comes. The process in assessing the status of authentic and poor hadith trains students to become accustomed to filtering the information that reaches us, ”he said.

The public is invited to watch the Qur'anic Discourse entitled "Hadith is only conjecture: Is it true?" which will be broadcast on all Sinar Harian, Wacana Al-Quran and Sinar Online digital platforms at 5.30 pm, 15 October 2021.