Movie nightmare: Woman shares blind date via app gone wrong

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SHAH ALAM – A woman yesterday revealed her experience of being allegedly harassed while going out for what she thought was a regular first date.

The woman posted the horrifying experience on X, formerly known as Twitter, under the username @ey3shuh and said that her 'date' that she found on a popular online dating app had allegedly taken advantage of her.


She claimed that the man had sexually harassed her during their date at a cinema by forcing her to do obscene things against her will and consent, such as groping her private parts and asking her to do the same to him.

She urges the X community to be wary of the man by revealing the full story, including a confession by the guy recorded on a video that she might want to use as evidence for the police and his identity.


Screenshot of @ay3shuh 's post on X.

She said that the perpetrator's name was Fawwaz, aged 21 and studying at a university in Bangi.


Her post received over 2,000 reposts and 3,000 likes at the time of writing.

The police had also replied to her tweet, asking her to lodge a police report regarding the incident so they could conduct further investigations.


The woman said that she had lodged a police report on Aug 5.

Others who replied to the post supported her and asked her to bring the matter to the police so that justice could be served.

However, some users also blamed the woman for blindly trusting a man known from a dating app as well her decision to go out for a date with a guy she barely knew, but such comments received backlash from those who said that dating application was not a licence to commit sexual harassment.

X users also advised her never to agree to a movie date as a first date in the future as a way of taking care of her safety.

Before the post went viral on the platform, the woman had hinted reminded people who plan to have a kid to teach them to respect women.

"Newlyweds or anyone thinking of having a child, please teach your son to respect women. I'm so SO tired of getting harassed like I'm some kind of sexual object," she said in her earlier post.