Unvaccinated individuals are 16 times at risk of death and ICU admission

12 Nov 2021 10:08am

SYDNEY- The unvaccinated individuals are 16 times at risk of death and to be admitted to the ICU due to Covid-19.

The warning was prompted by the health authorities in New South Wales (NSW), Australia after the country is now transitioning towards the endemic phase.

Data collected from the NSW Health Department found out that only 11 percent of the deaths from 412 individuals due to the spread of Delta variant in the four month period until October were from those who have received the complete dose.

Other than that, over 3 percent of the patients treated at the ICU have gotten their complete doses meanwhile more than 63 percent, out of 61,800 cases reported between June 16 and October 7 came from those who are not vaccinated.

The report is aligned with the data administered by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United states (US) that prompted the warning that unvaccinated individuals are more likely to die due to the virus. - AFP

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