Flood victims went on social media platforms to expedite rescue efforts using #BanjirDarurat

01 Jan 2022 02:07am
Screenshots of some on social media users seeking for help.
Screenshots of some on social media users seeking for help.

People are using social media platforms to seek help and speed up rescue efforts after the floods inundated at least six states nationwide yesterday.

Twitter users have using hashtags #DaruratBanjir and #PleaseHelp to alert authorities and the public about flood victims who were stuck or in danger.

Many posted information about family and friends who were stranded in various locations and unable to contact authorities for assistance.

Postings has not stopped since yesterday.

Just a few hours ago, multiple Twitter accounts has been posting their whereabouts and details on how they were trapped in the house with no signs of assistance.

A Twitter user named Waa (@jnoslatte) tweeted in capital letters that she and a few others has been stuck for more than six hours in a residential area Prima Homes Karak Lakeview in Karak, Pahang.

Photos attached by Waa included screenshots of those affected sitting on rooftops seeking help. Some photos saw victims with their babies.

Waa had asked if anyone could send boats for to help them.

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Twitter user Benny (@Benneney) used the hashtag #DaruratBanjir on how his brother and sister-in-law were still waiting for help at their house for hours, while another user Dy (@adrnnanzm) quoted a tweet by Atiqah (@atiqahslmn) saying that the person in the video was her sister and baby nephew.

The video Atiqah posted saw children including a baby, sitting in a small blow-up-swimming-pool-turned-liferaft in their living room. From the video, water had risen up to waist level.

Sasha Zaidi (@maigadsha) was tweeting about her friend who was still stuck at Ariff Bistro Section 24, Shah Alam.

“She has been stuck there. There is no phone line and the weather is cold, she is shivering badly. Anyone in Section 24, please help her. Even providing her with a blanket would be appreciated,” she said adding her friend Laha’s number and the hashtag #DaruratBanjir.

Another user named R. Dhurgesh (@rdhurgesh) posted about his aunt, his aunt’s elderly mother and two young kids stranded in their home at Taman Muda since yesterday.

He said flood water levels were not improving and that their phones were out of battery. He added that they also could not take the food since the refrigerator had fallen last night.

When asked by another user about their update, he replied at 3.52pm today that the family were still stuck there and the kids had been crying since morning.

People were also seeking help to rescue animals online as many cats and dogs were seen stuck on rooftops, beds and cages amidst rising water levels.

As of 5pm, rescue efforts are still underway in all affected states.

The weather conditions, however, has improved. Areas that were issued red alerts has since changed to orange.